Home bar in the shape of a cherry wood mother-of-pearl guitar

Aesthetic way in which you can enjoy your drink

Made in Italy, this guitar bar is a romantic, ornate piece turned into art furniture design.

It is designed to be appreciated by the romantics, dreamers, poets and the lovers of life and to impress everyone else.

It surpasses all styles and looks timeless, both at home and outdoors. This drinks bar is designed in the form of a double bass. The top has a deep black surface covered with rosewood. The middle section made of cherry wood is made of brass with “strings” and the end section is complemented with a mother-of-pearl and a mirrored back.

The equipment of the lower part has shelves and drawers. With a secret compartment. The MB40 mobile guitar bar is designed by the skilled cabinet maker and interior designer Leopoldo Crpanelli.

It is actually a bit embarrassing that this peculiar house bar was made in Italy, where the tradition of the artisans is highly recognized and their works are valued.

Other pieces to the thematic, musical collection are the guitar table and the guitar dresser.

Home bar in the form of a guitar

House bar in the form of guitar cherry wood strings

Solid cherry wood and rosewood make up this work of art

House bar in the form of guitar cherry wood free-standingThematic freestanding chest of drawers

Home bar in the shape of guitar cherry wood wardrobe

Whimsical design for the contemporary, musical living room

Coffee table in the shape of a double bass

Home bar in the shape of a cherry wood guitar double bass coffee table