Sheesham furniture is a real exotic newcomer when it comes to stylish furnishing ideas and first-class interior design. The high-quality tropical wood not only looks impressive and noble, it also has numerous advantageous properties that are of great interest not only to the furniture industry. Stay with us and in the next few lines you will find out more about the precious wood of the sheesham tree and its versatile uses, as well as the correct care of the noble pieces of furniture made from sheesham.

Sheesham furniture brings optimal comfort in your own four walls

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The most important facts about sheesham

In addition to teak, oak, cherry and cedar, sheesham wood is also one of the most popular precious woods, which are particularly used in the furniture industry. The sheesham tree (Dalbergia sissoo), also called shisha, thila, Indian rosewood or East Indian rosewood, is a remarkable, fast-growing tree that belongs to the rosewood group. As the state and coat of arms tree of the Indian state of Punjab and the Pakistani province of the same name, the tree has always been one of the most famous trees in the region. Nowadays the sheesham tree is mainly grown in large plantations and also as a useful shade provider in cities and on tea plantations.

Sheesham wood is a noble, high-quality tropical wood that is ideal for carpentry work, veneer production or as parquet wood. But sheesham is also always preferred in boat building and in the manufacture of traditional musical instruments, such as the sitar. It is no wonder that sheesham wood is so versatile, because the valuable material is not only stable and robust, but also easy to care for and durable.

Every single piece of sheesham wood furniture is unique

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In addition, the otherwise hard wood has a medium-fine texture and pampers the senses with a pleasant smell. Its spectacular, concise grain creates an unmistakable decorative look. The colors vary from golden and tobacco brown to purple and greenish to chocolatey. And the dark veins of the wood are often almost black.

Sheesham wood – an easy-care, noble material for your furniture

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Extra tips for the care of your Sheesham furniture

  • The sheesham furniture must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise these can darken unevenly. Therefore, always use blinds or awnings in direct sunlight so that you can enjoy your furniture in perfect condition for longer.
  • Whenever possible, keep the room temperature and humidity constant so that the sheesham wood does not expand or contract. In this way you avoid the appearance of unsightly cracks on the wood surface at the same time.
  • In addition, make sure not to wipe the sheesham furniture with damp cloths. Excessive moisture is bad for your precious, exotic furniture. Experts advise that a room temperature of around 20 degrees and a humidity of around 50 to 60% would be optimal.
  • Regular cleaning is extremely advisable. However, you can do this either with just water or with a bit of neutral, chemical-free soap and a lint-free cloth. Scouring milk and aggressive household cleaners are an absolute taboo here!
  • Polish your sheesham furniture no more than 2-3 times a year. Beeswax or hard wood oil are best for this. When cleaning and polishing, make sure that you always work in the direction of the grain.
  • Always use coasters and tablecloths to avoid wet stains or contamination from leftover food.

Take proper care of your Sheesham furniture and enjoy it longer!

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With the purchase of high-quality furniture made of sheesham wood, you are choosing timeless, noble pieces that simply remain unique. Their uniqueness is guaranteed by the fact that the intense grain and the variety of colors of this tropical wood make each individual piece of furniture look different. In addition, there are a lot of useful properties such as longevity, robustness, ease of care and an excellent price-performance ratio, which make Sheesham furniture one of the most popular of all. In order to enjoy it even longer, follow the care tips given above and take care of the good pieces with care.

When making your purchase decision, let the experienced staff of a well-established specialist shop or online shop advise you, for example and find only the best for your home. So there is soon nothing standing in the way of your perfect Sheesham furniture.

Treat yourself to excellent furniture quality from the tropics!   

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And look forward to first-class timelessness and optimal living comfort!  

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