Alarm systems to secure your home

Alarm systems protect the home from break-ins and attacks, which are more common in the autumn and winter seasons. It is not infrequently organized gangs who proceed skilfully, have the right tools and recognize the right time to be able to carry out lucrative break-ins unseen. The break-ins are nowadays more and more often carried out by professionals who specialize in breaking into apartments and houses. The conclusion looks sobering: The number of break-ins in Austria is increasing and has been for a long time.

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Burglars are better equipped today and strike more specifically than they were a few years ago. But there are also the occasional burglars who usually enter unprotected homes without much planning and not only steal indiscriminately, but often also cause considerable damage. Anyone who wants to be spared this is well advised to have an alarm system.

Companies like Saibel support homeowners in protecting themselves sustainably with suitable alarm systems.

Basic security as a basic alarm system for monitoring 

Of course, optimal basic security is one of the most important elements when it comes to protecting houses and apartments against burglary. This includes the right locks, secure doors and windows, and deterring lighting in the right places. Alarm systems also make it possible for house and apartment owners to be informed about break-ins or attempted break-ins at an early stage. These practical systems are also known under the terms intrusion alarm system, hold-up alarm system and hazard alarm system. In principle, they work according to a similar technical process. In many cases, they use electronic sensors to discover and report people who are either outside the home or who are not familiar with the alarm system used. At the same time, sensors offer the advantage of pointing out smoke development, gas leaks and water damage and triggering appropriate alarms.

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Different alarm systems

Alarm systems to secure your home are available in different versions. Today, wireless alarm systems are increasingly used, but wired alarm systems and reliable hybrid systems are also used. Hybrid systems combine modern radio components and stable wire installations into an efficient system. In addition, complex, IP-based alarm systems are installed, which are based on the possibilities of state-of-the-art network infrastructures. At the same time, you use the advantages of solid wireless and wire technologies.

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Wireless alarm systems

Wireless alarm systems can be installed quickly and can be used in a variety of ways. They are particularly suitable for private houses and apartments as well as for small and medium-sized properties in a commercial environment. Since they do not require complex wiring or require no cabling, such systems are particularly suitable for retrofitting. They can be implemented within a short time without major modifications, without dirt and tedious planning. In addition, the use of wireless alarm systems is always ideal where cables can only be laid with great difficulty and with considerable structural measures. This results in these advantages:

  • The installation of wireless alarm systems is inexpensive
  • Installation is very easy (no cables need to be laid)
  • Wireless alarm systems can easily be taken along when moving
  • The structure enables expansion at any time (additional sensors / cameras)

Conception of alarm systems

Perfectly functioning alarm systems not only consist of individual, high-quality components and their optimal interaction. When installing an alarm system, it also depends on the concept of the respective system. It is particularly important to position the right components of an alarm system in the right places. So-called alarm system installers know exactly what is important in order to provide the most efficient possible use of alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems are also characterized by a pleasant price-performance ratio.

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Alarm systems guideline OVE R2

Providers of alarm systems, security systems and surveillance protection know what is required by numerous insurance companies Directive OVE R2. It has been in force since 2010 and defines the current state of the art for alarm systems. This guideline forms the basis for all planning, installation, operation and maintenance of burglar alarm systems in Austria. It is therefore advisable to always use competent service providers when designing and implementing an alarm system to secure your own home. In accordance with the OVE R2 guideline, they will put together precisely documented details of your individual alarm system, which are required by the respective insurance companies in almost all cases.