Appropriate safety devices are provided by the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), which apply to commercial gate systems and gates that can be operated without sight of the gate (e.g. via radio control) and are located in public areas. If the safety of your own garage is particularly important to you, you should take certain safety measures. If you have a roller door and especially if there are children or small animals in the household, appropriate precautionary measures should be taken to avoid possible injuries. The best safety devices for roller doors are light barriers and contact strips.

How does a light barrier work?

The so-called one-way light barrier consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The light beam source sends an infrared light beam that only goes in one direction and is then picked up by a sensor. As soon as the light beam is interrupted by an obstacle, the automatic garage door movement is stopped and reversed. In this way, this system detects moving objects without coming into contact with them. This not only protects small children or animals in the area of ​​the garage door from accidents. Photoelectric barriers also protect vehicles from damage. When it comes to assembly, the light barriers are suitable for both outdoor and indoor assembly. The transmitter and receiver are connected to the controller with a cable. They should be dry-cleaned at least every 3 months.

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How does a contact bar work?

Safety contact strips are used on roller doors to protect people and objects from being trapped. They serve as a closing edge safety device at pinch and shear points. The contact strip is installed as an additional safety device. It recognizes the obstacles in the roller door area and stops and reverses the door movement when it encounters an obstacle by passing a contact to the control unit. At Rolladenplanet either a wired or a wireless safety contact strip is available.

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It should be noted that the light barrier does not react to all obstacles. An example of this can be a ladder that is located in the area of ​​the garage opening and does not interrupt the light beam. In this case the ladder is not detected and can cause great damage. A contact strip requires direct contact with an obstacle for this system to work. It can happen that a small child or animal runs into the garage unnoticed and is locked there without our knowledge. If security is very important to you, it is recommended that you have both safeguards in place. You can purchase the light barrier set from Rolladenplanet at a price of € 69. The contact strips start at € 109, although the light barriers with contact strips are also available as a set. All safety devices are in our rolling gate Configurator available.

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