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New personalization of the e-mails in your Gmail account

Writing emails directly from your cell phone can be very difficult. This can be very laborious and inconvenient. Google is aware of this. For this reason, its experts are working on the further development of the Smart Reply function.

Thanks to this, users have the option of choosing between three different, previously prepared answers.

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create gmail account google inbox smart reply app

Gmail on your mobile device

Set up gmail account smart reply application

Be mobile on the move

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Automatic analysis of the email

The smart function will automatically analyze the text of the email. The employees will not have access to the emails. According to Google, you shouldn’t worry about their privacy. The work within this process is only done by automated algorithms.

Inbox by Gmail

create gmail account google inbox smart reply

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In addition to Inbox

Smart Reply is an additional function too Inbox by Gmail. It is currently being activated in stages for users with a Gmail account. The more it is used, the better it works. Over time she gathers information about the specifics in the behavior of all persons.

Gmail messages

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The answers

The answers are between one and three sentences long. They can be edited by the user. Gmail account holders can add even more of themselves. Smart Reply will also be able to assess which emails match one of the replies. The auto-reply suggestion is not always offered.

Always in touch, even when you’re on the move

gmail account google inbox smart reply application

Answering e-mails is now even easier with the new Google app “Smart Reply”

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Are you interested in the Smart Reply function? You can download them from Google Play and the App Store.

Smart Reply currently only works in English.

How does the Smart Reply app work