garden courtyard furnishing transition area relaxation corner

Clever garden design – a few useful suggestions

Do you have any idea what you could do with the open space that connects your front and back yard? Not yet? Then we will give you a few useful suggestions so that you can easily create an interesting and unique atmosphere.

Make a nice transition from the front to the back yard by taking advantage of the diversity of the flora and planting large, colorful and striking flowers. They can also find a practical application and turn the free space into a small area for gardening. Or create a small, cozy relaxation corner where you can enjoy the sunny afternoons.

Use accents, put a focal point in the middle to create a distinctive courtyard. Lush plants go well with this, and you can add interesting paving too.

Clever garden design – easily creating an interesting and unique atmosphere

clever garden design grass arbor garden courtyard entrance

Every garden can be beautifully and abundantly planted

Clever garden design grass arbor garden courtyard entrance slope slope

The path leads to the back yard

clever garden design fence paving tree plant pot

Use stones for additional decoration

clever garden design fence paving wood door plants

Behind the fence – an abundant flora

clever garden design fence paving chairs plant

Narrow passage to the back yard

clever garden design fence paving stones plants flowers

Put a focus – in this case, bamboo

garden courtyard establishment transition bamboo plants green freshQuiet place for gardening 

garden courtyard establishment transition area gardening

Play with the stones of the paving – new decoration ideas

garden courtyard establishment transition point of view paving flowers

Fresh colored accents on the window

garden courtyard furnishing transition flower pots window hanging

Effective archway looks very inviting

garden courtyard establishment transition hedge entrance path