Terrace cosiness ideasterrace-balcony-pool-oasis

Here you will find interesting advice on how to turn your terrace into a comfortable quiet outdoor living room.

Create a pool oasis with a grate

A pool terrace will be a quiet outside room if you enclose part of it with lattice walls.

The grid panels shield the sides and let the breeze through. Hedges and other surrounding trees expand the outer walls and increase your feeling of comfort on the terrace.


Make sure you are cozy with a fence.

patio balcony fence idea

A fence is the easiest way to ensure privacy for a patio. If the fence reflects the architecture of the house, the outside space will literally be an extension of your home. This self-made fence covers a small backyard terrace here and creates a warm backdrop for outdoor living.


transparent bridle


By adding block walls and a block roof, a brick terrace next to a brick outbuilding is converted into a rural outdoor room. From a purely technical point of view, the arcade of this building resembles the skeleton of a Klotz house and gives us the feeling of seclusion without breezes or views.

 Protect the inner courtyard with an arcade

Attached here is a 5-foot stone wall, this high wooden arbor entrance covers part of the stone-paved courtyard and separates it from the neighboring buildings. The design of the structure expresses cosiness, but avoids a closed look or an oppressive feeling.

Cosiness with half walls – another idea for your inner courtyard

Terrace cosiness ideas half wall

The inner courtyard does not need high walls, not like the house, where you really want to feel private. A wall about 5 feet high protects the dining area from the prying eyes of neighbors when family and guests are seated. Together with a wooden fence and a cedar arcade, the wall provides cosiness for the terrace of the floor tile veneer by maintaining a feeling of openness. Mature trees along the fence line also create a cozy atmosphere and create a sense of security.

 Connect your plants with a trellis.

Terrace cosiness ideas fence

This slate-lying, covered terrace has a luxurious sense of seclusion thanks to fertile grapevines and flowers that climb its lattice walls. Because this outside space does not include the upper structure, it is open and airy.

Create cosiness

Terrace cosiness ideas - landscape

The old red Westeder deck and the gray sandstone courtyard behind the house enjoy a sense of cosiness, surrounded by green plants and far from the neighbors’ curiosity. The additional planting of deciduous trees adds shade and color as the season progresses. The latticework of the large grid defines the boundaries of the outside rooms and allows breezes and light to enter the rooms. If you want more comfort and shade, then choose a latticework with a smaller pattern than this one.

Terrace cosiness ideas – connect the terrace with the house


Hidden in the corner between the back entrance and the back wall of the house, this small terrace offers a feeling of sheltered cosiness. Ivy-covered walls add to the sense of cozy enclosure, and a decorative wrought-iron fence separates the patio from the courtyard to further define the outside living space.

Create an escape terrace Terrace cosiness ideas patio hidden

When separated from the house, an escape terrace offers peace and quiet in a lush corner of the garden. A fence shields them and protects them from the eyes of passers-by without blocking the flow of air. This type of terrace is usually small and familiar (the flooring here is brick).

Adapt the terrace to the architecture

Terrace cosiness ideas architecture - patio

This country house, built in 1918, stands in the shape of a U-shape, viewed from all 3 sides, but its moss-covered terrace functions like an outdoor dining room. The lush planting on the fourth page is synonymous with perfect cosiness. Converting a terrace into a room practically means more cosiness, but it also means making the really comfortable outside space, softening the walls with grapevines and tools. To protect the outer walls, ivy grows on latticework about a foot higher from the foundation.

Protect the terrace with curtains


A terrace with pillars supporting the roof made of the wooden lattice is called a loggia. Curtains made of strong fabric hang between the pillars and the climbed poles, protecting the terrace from the elements. It actually depends on the climate, but in many places top heating is also installed like those used in restaurants to ensure that the loggia can be used all year round.

Screen views with grid.


There is no need to add terraces to the house. Trees and bushes surround this small, private terrace set away from the main house, which is accessed by a floor-tile path. Lattice fence protects against nearby neighbors.

Take the sun and shade into account


An arcade draped by wisteria not only shadows the terrace, but also the area outside this summer house, but most of the brick-paved surface is illuminated by the sun. Taking both shade and sun into account expands the usefulness of the terrace. From the cool beginning of spring to the last days of autumn, the bricks absorb the heat and allow you to enjoy the room despite different temperatures. On hot summer days, the shady grapevine-covered arcade offers a welcome freshness. A grid screen behind the seating area communicates with the garden shed through the pillars and creates a feeling of enclosure and perfection.

Coziness for a front courtyard terrace.

terrace-balcony-front house-patio

This Pennsylvania green vitriol terrace is in the front courtyard, but you feel completely private and lonely here thanks to the lush plants and the specially designed cozy umbrella. The screen – welded cable, is stapled to a frame in the cedar tree and merges into the landscape.

Add a patio comfort umbrella.


An arbor draped with the trumpet vine serves as a doorway to this tiny, hidden terrace, hidden in a yellowish-green paradise. Both works and furniture carry this vibrant color tone and bring a lot of intense energy into the tiny room. A terrace like this can be in almost any corner of the garden, the key to cosiness is actually the palette of plants.