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Design the garden cheaply

We are approaching the fall season and now is the ideal time for gardening. This is especially true of deciduous trees and shrubbery, evergreen species and ornamental grass. At this time of year you can also buy the plants at a reduced price, which makes the whole thing even more fun.

This is the result of the sellers’ wish to avoid wintering the plants in the warehouses.

This degrades their quality and causes many problems.

Many people get very excited when it comes to purchasing new plants. In some cases it borders on madness. Some people have a very long wish list and want to fulfill it perfectly. My advice: take a few minutes and think again about what exactly you want to buy.

Remember: Shopping is only worthwhile if it fits your garden style and the conditions in your garden perfectly. The rest will eventually end up in a compost.

I advise you to ask yourself the following questions before shopping:

How the plant can really grow in the desired location?

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Is the soil in your garden rather dry and hot, is it exposed to changes in the storm, or is your garden shady, cool and filled with steam? Read the instructions for the plant and see if it can actually develop in your garden.

You need to pay particular attention to the following criteria: suitable climate zone, need for sun (full sun, partial shade or shade), moisture (even the plants growing in the driest regions need water and some more than the others).

Ask in the area which seller is an experienced gardener

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Better not buy from Mr. Everyman. Discuss with him exactly which of the instructions for the plant cannot be found:

– type of earth

– degree of humidity

– wind tolerance

– heat tolerance

– Resistance to storms

– growth rate

So, after all these criteria, did you find that the plant will grow in the desired location? Now comes the next important question:

  What function will the plant have and will it be able to fulfill this successfully?

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Are you looking for a plant that will create a focal point in your garden? Then you need one between 3 and 8 meters in size. The same dimensions work wonderfully too if you’re looking for a bit of shade and privacy. These can be used on a small veranda or in front of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Would you prefer a thicker shade or should the tree serve as a roof for a room attached outdoors?

Make the garden cheap flowers hammock trees

Now the rule is: the bigger, the better. You should focus on finding plants over 10 feet tall.

Think about the adaptation of the main object to the surrounding plant species. Also, watch out for the following: The plant, in its mostly adult state, should not exceed the desired height.

   Does the plant match your garden style?

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Do you want to create a stylish garden? Then you should do this very carefully. Before making any choice, you should ask yourself whether it ideally suits your decorative needs.

You can combine colored leaves and flowers, unusual plant shapes and fabrics. These must correspond to the specific design goal or personal taste.

A Mediterranean-style garden needs a very high growth rate. Their sculptural forms are completely different than when you design the garden of a holiday cabin.

Perhaps the splendor of your garden should consist of wonderful colors

Make the garden cheap flowers colorful footpath pavement red flowers

The layered green plants in combination with red flowers would be a wonderful solution in this case.

As long as the plants meet your personal criteria, you are on the winning side

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 Can you offer the right care to your desired plant?

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Some plants just need more attention than others. Fertilizing, treating diseases and epidemics, determining rest periods and giving presents can cost a lot of time and energy. Think carefully about what you can do with it and choose the right plant according to this criterion!

Is the selected plant healthy??

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Charlie Brown tree or a bush with a peculiar character can be perfect for your garden. But after a long time in the seller’s garden, these plants could also be a little stressed.

This is what a healthy plant looks like

Design the garden favorably flowers plant pot flowers soil

– The leaves should feel plump and firm and look accordingly

– The plant should not suffer from damage from insects and diseases

– The roots of trees placed in linen bags or clumped together should also be whole and strong

– The smaller plants should be removed from their pots and their roots should be checked. If the root system is well developed, the earth will stay together and not fall apart. The healthy roots will be white and firm. The black and brown roots, as well as those covered with mushrooms, should be avoided. Entanglement is another bad sign.

Are you planning to buy plants for your beloved and beautiful garden in autumn? Hopefully now you feel better prepared for it

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