What used to be a small shed for storing equipment, tools and maybe even a few garden chairs and tables is now a place to relax in the green: the garden shed.

Today’s selection of garden houses on the market is available in almost countless designs, sizes and textures. From small and manageable, with a flat roof and light subsoil, to a sophisticated wooden house with windows, gables and even a small veranda. So if you want, you can not only build a small, simple shed to shelter in the garden, but also a really chic log cabin with all the know-how to fall in love, feel good and live.

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Small garden houses for great pleasure

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The highlight of the garden house

Anyone who has a garden also needs a garden shed. If the garden is small and belongs to the outside plot of your own home, a very small garden shed can be sufficient, depending on the necessity and space available. Children’s toys, the sandpit, the wooden swing, or even the three chairs, the folding table and garden tools such as mowers, rakes, shovels and the like can be wonderfully accommodated there. It looks different if, for example, garden parties are to take place in the garden house, or if the house is to be used for overnight guests, or if you would even like to spend the night in it on mild summer nights. Then a larger house, set up on a solid concrete base, with a pointed roof, for example, and two windows, is the better choice.

If there is still space left for the extension of a covered veranda, why not create one on which you can relax in a rocking chair in the rain or shine while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee ? If you have space, you should also use it for this and if the garden is spacious, then even more. A beautiful and cozy garden house always invites you to linger and is usually the highlight of every garden. The different models and designs of the individual garden houses should be looked at calmly and they should also be compared with one another. At the Garden house dealer Hansagarten 24 For example, you can find every shape, size, equipment and design of various garden houses. From the affordable premium house to the assembly instructions and the detailed justification and listing of the advantages of a garden house made from the basic material wood.

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Flower boxes included

A garden shed does not necessarily have to be in the corner of a garden and only be used as an accommodation for garden furniture, mowing equipment or bicycles. The size and the optics decide what you actually need it for. For families and especially children, these houses are always a wonderful one Place of relaxation and play. Table tennis and billiards, for example, are just as popular there as relaxing and enjoying the surrounding nature. Some garden houses can be delivered integrated with flower boxes and leave space for imagination when planting. So every garden house owner can finally put his holiday hut in his own garden and furnish and decorate it accordingly. Geraniums in the flower box, a rocking chair on the veranda and inside a bench, a table and a small kitchen? So why not just create a little oasis of well-being out of the garden shed? If the weather is good in summer, summer holidays can be superfluous, because it can be most beautiful in your own fields.

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