The garden in an environmentally friendly house is designed with sofa cushions

How to design a garden in an environmentally friendly house

Summer is a great time, the weather is beautiful and we can sit in the garden a lot longer. There you can do your landscaping, chat with family and friends, relax and lie in the sun. You can also enforce your environmentally friendly lifestyle with green open space decor, renovated facilities and sustainable design ideas.

Today we have 10 ideas ready for you on how to make your open space green in an environmentally friendly way.

1. Connect the open space with the interior:

Try to blur the line between open space and interior space in your home. With the windows and doors open, you can get fresh air into the house. The architectural options as glass walls and glass doors help you enjoy the fresh breeze without letting the pets in.

Connect the free space with the interior through open windows and doors

Create a garden in an environmentally friendly house urban terrace

2. Bring green materials to renovations and remodeling

When considering a wooden deck, buy recycled or old wood from other buildings. Many wood stores offer a great selection of waste wood for your open space projects. Concrete, welded iron, and even railroad ties are great materials for gardening.

3. Replace the worn and low-energy lighting fixtures with energy-saving ones:

The lighting fixtures are very important for the functionality and appeal of the open space. You may not have thought of it, but the old systems use a lot of energy and add to your electricity bill. Swap the old models for energy-saving or even solar-powered systems. The old light bulbs can be replaced with LED lights for the footpaths, front door and door to the backyard, garage and landscape around the house.

Use the old materials again for your free space

Garden in the environmentally friendly house design metallic dining table4.DIY free space ideas with used decor:

Take an old piece of furniture out of the garage and use it as a decorative flower pot on the porch. You can also find such décor at flea markets and garage sales and put it in your garden after painting.

5. Install innovative technologies for energy saving

The motion detectors at the entrance help you save energy. Connect your alarm system and outdoor lighting with an “intelligent house” technology. Many devices can be controlled online so that you can save energy even when you are abroad.

Bring in used and recycled materials for decor and touch up projects

Garden in the eco-friendly house design rattan furniture seating area

6. Make the open space of your home prettier with reclaimed water systems

The lush surroundings could lead to a high water bill. Try installing reclaimed water systems in your garden. A drainage system that stores rainwater is a great solution for the landscape. Get advice from a landscape architect or sustainability specialist.

7. Decorate the children’s play corners with environmentally friendly materials

Consider the recycled rubber tires for the children’s playgrounds. Rubber is softer, has a longer life than wood, and is available in a range of colors to please the imagination of children.

Decorate the children’s playgrounds with a surface made from recycled tires

Create a garden in an environmentally friendly house climbing wall

8. Create soil for your landscape

Instead of spending half a fortune on soil every year at the hardware store or tree nursery, make a compost heap out of feed waste and leftovers. This will give you a rich natural fertilizer and your plants will thrive even better.

9. Install energy-saving heating and cooling systems

Make sure that your heating and cooling systems do not emit dangerous exhaust gases. Read the instructions to see if the product is certified and what category it is in.

Take eco-friendly furniture and reclaimed products for the recreational spaces outside

Create a garden in an environmentally friendly house

10. Buy environmentally friendly garden furniture

Don’t forget your relaxation rooms. Think about used patio furniture that you could renovate for a new look, or buy furniture made from reclaimed wood or recycled plastic. Your open space should be comfortable and relaxing, but you should also consider the sources of energy.

What do you do for your environmentally friendly garden?

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