Plan your landscape budget

Landscaping can be an expensive undertaking, so have a decent landscaping budget. Here are a few ways you can spend less or use your existing budget to the full.

landscape budget patio

A landscape project can range in costs from a few hundred euros to several thousands. Regardless of your budget, it will pay off in time. Even so, it is wise to start thinking now about what options you could do with your landscaping money. The following tips can save you money or invest more money in landscaping projects.

1. Make a plan. A well-thought-out design and plan of action will save time, money and help relieve stress.

2. Collect offers. If you plan to work with companies, get at least two detailed quotes for each project and compare them. Ask for a written guarantee of their work. Ask for fixed start and end dates. And never lose sight of the landscape budget.

3. Don’t skimp on the quality of the materials or contractors. Loose structures will ultimately cost more time and money if you have to correct any mistakes or replace materials.

Use more weed – it’s cheap and very nice to look at

More grass

4th. Use as much as possible in an existing landscape. Before digging up plants or tearing down structures, think about the ways to preserve them. Even a crumbling concrete sidewalk can get new life and be useful as a stepping stone path or the like.

5. Transplant existing trees and shrubs if necessary to protect them during construction or to allow them to bloom in a better location.

Use similar colors when designing your garden

Warm colours

6th. You can improve the soil quality in your garden by using lots of organic matter, such as compost, rotted manure, and chopped leaves – these are very, very important. This is one of the wisest landscaping investments out there.

7. Do some of the work yourself, not just to save installation costs, but to add personal pride in the project. Pay some teenagers to help them out with a few shovels of gravel or to lay the sod – to ease your back and wallet.

8. Buy the largest trees that your budget allows. They take most of the years of all other plants to mature, but they add the greatest value to the garden landscape.

9. Assess the benefits of the sod, grass seeds and ground cover. The sod allows an instant lawn, but it costs more than grass seeds in comparison.

10. Grass seeds take at least six months to grow, but they germinate and grow easily. It’s one of the best ways to save your money. Gravel is affordable too, so this is a light hearted alternative for you?.

A wooden patio

Landscape budget wood

11. Consult an expert for help at every stage of the planning or installation.

12. If you want water or power lines in a new area of ​​the garden, install more water plugs and sockets where they come in handy.

13. Get expert advice from your district advisory service or from a garden center in choosing the best plants for your garden. Learn what they need to survive and thrive. Native plants that are already adapted to the climate will usually need less water and attention.

14. Avoid spontaneous purchases. Keep a copy of your garden plan with you and take it with you to the garden center. Make sure the plant purchases are on schedule.

This garden is easy to build, yet beautiful and useful

Allotment budget

15. Don’t just pay attention to costs when choosing materials. Free wood chips seem fine for the patio, but during a thunderstorm the concrete is better than them. In addition to comparing quality and maintenance factors, energy saving, comfort, safety and other aesthetic qualities of the design must be taken into account.

16. When space is tight, choose items that serve dual purposes, such as benches that hold cushions when opened, or devices that support an arbor or swing.

A cheap but wonderful zen oasis

Zen oasis

17. Rent or borrow expensive tools that you won’t always use, such as a rotary tiller, pressure washer, or varnish. Go out with some neighbors and buy an expensive tool that you all share, such as a chopper / shredder, snow blower or chain saw, for example.

18. Use your landscape to lower your grocery bills. Plant the fruits, vegetables and herbs that your family loves most. That fits perfectly with the low landscape budget

The garden as a grocery store

Tomato garden