Save water in your garden

Look for ways to save water – and money – in your garden landscape. Here are some great ways to get started.

from Anne Nieland

Wise water solutions

Walking down a path or your driveway if the water is still running is a complete waste of water. Solve this by using a shut-off device or nozzle that allows you to turn off the water as needed, thus making it possible to save water.

Save water wisely

Use drip irrigation

Sprinklers water lose water because of evaporation – so keep the fun of your precious moisture by using a drip irrigation hose that will slowly drip water onto the floor. Cover it with mulch so you waste next to nothing.

Soaker pants

Collect the free stuff

One of the most surprising things about a rain barrel is how quickly it fills up with water, even in the lightest of rain. And the rainwater is free from city water chemicals. Connect the rain barrel to your drain pipe or use a chain to guide the water.

Collect free

Use mulch

Weeds in your garden are not only a thorn in the side, they also suck up valuable soil moisture from your plants. One of the best, chemical free weed controls is a layer of mulch. It is air and water permeable and easy to plant. What else, organic mulch (like bark mulch) degrades over time and improves your garden soil.

Use mulch

Set a timer

A faucet with a timer locks your sprinkler system off at a specific time so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Here’s a tip from us: To prevent the water from draining, set your timer, turn on the sprinkler, let the water seep into the ground, then start watering again.

With timer

Hose breakaway coupling

Modify your hose with a quick release connector so you don’t waste water changing attachments. And save time by not having to walk around to turn off the water.

Quick release

Only water when necessary

If your sprinkler has a timer, have you checked how much water it is dispensing? How You Can Save Water – Put a rain pressure gauge where the water collects. Then set the timer to give your plants exactly what they need.

Here’s a tip from us: Most plants need about an inch of water a week during the growing season.

Water necessary

Plant drought tolerant crops

Once established, drought-tolerant plants can do without water for long periods of time. That doesn’t mean they don’t need water, just less than other garden plants. If you irrigate water, make them “drink deep” – so they will be ready to face the next round of drought.

Thinner tolerance

Repair the leaks

This also saves water- change the weather hardened o-rings. This is a simple solution for leaky hose ends. And don’t lose the precious water because of a hole in the middle of the hose – fix the hole or invest in a new hose.

Hose leaks

Ration your ration

If your city requires water rationing, ration the allotment in your countryside. Supplement your hose ration with water that you have collected in the rain barrel. Water your high quality plants, and then water the less expensive ones.

Ration garden