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The magic of the wooden swing in the garden and its advantages

The aim of this article is not to talk you out of buying a metal swing. We just want to refer you to other great options. Because the wooden garden swing is always a wonderful idea. You just have to be able to afford it.

The price of the wooden swing

While we’re at it, let’s go over this aspect in more detail.

One of the main reasons why people choose metal or porch swings is the price. That plays an essential role. Because the wooden swing will cost a much bigger investment.

They are just the more luxurious solution and accordingly offer a lot more great extras. Wooden swings also look much better according to popular belief.

Comfortable wooden swing and romantic ambience

wooden swing light wooden panels red cover colorful cushions

A price that pays off

As is often the case, you get much better quality for the higher price. It will certainly pay off multiple times over time. The wooden swing could also be a great gift. This is also universal and has a high symbolic value. No matter whether you give the swing to a child or an adult, you show a lot of love.

Compared to the metal or Hollywood swing, this one made of wood has many advantages. We want to emphasize some particularly strongly.

First of all, these look very nice. The wood is a very beautiful, natural material that feels great to the touch and is very easy to paint.

Hollywood swing made of teak with linen in natural color

wooden swing covered seat cushion guitar

The wooden swing will not rust

If you do not treat the metal swing appropriately, it will rust very quickly. With this one made of wood there is rather no risk of spoilage. Even if the texture changes due to the climatic conditions, the damage is mostly only cosmetic and not harmful to health, as it could be in the other case.

Furthermore, the woods are pretty easy to assemble. If they break, they can be repaired relatively easily.

In summer and winter, the metal swing either gets too cold or too hot. This can also lead to injuries. Such unpleasant experiences are not possible with the wooden swing.

A wonderful hanging sofa on the terrace

wooden swing dark wood white upholstery roll cushions

How should you decide between the different wooden swing models?

Apart from the price, there are also a few other factors that could be decisive in making the right choice for an individual. First, one should carefully consider the purpose.

Should the wooden swing represent a seat in the garden or is it more of an accent in the small children’s playground? In the second case, you should focus more on security, even if the right model may not suit you stylistically and aesthetically.

You should also decide whether to buy online or in-store. In the first case, you should carefully note the conditions for returns. Because often it also depends. You may pay less in the first case, but in the other you will very likely get free assembly.

If you have someone to assemble it, you should reserve a product online. But if possible, go to a shop quickly and try out the selected model of the wooden swing live. Most of the time, both models can be found in the same places.

Smooth lines and an ergonomic fit

wooden swing garden dark wood white fabric

The extras matter

If a wooden swing is more expensive, find out exactly why. Some have great seat cushions, upholstery and other accessories. If you don’t need them, the investment won’t be worth it. The other way around, if you have to fetch them anyway, you may save a substantial sum in retrospect with the sets that are sold in this way.

Not all wood is the same

Some might deny that wooden swings are more expensive at all. Yes, there are cheap models, but mostly it’s because of the bad material. As you know yourself, this makes a big difference.

Good wood will not bend and the risk of breakage is very small. The cheap does not have these advantages.

Finally, we want to point out that you should make a plan according to which you can treat the swing against mold and spoilage. This will be much cheaper and easier than regular painting.

DIY hanging bed made from Euro pallets

wooden swing euro pallet black and white seat pad

Rustic made of bamboo

wooden swing garden bamboo

Wooden swing and cute children’s playhouse

wooden swing garden children's playhouse slide

Suspended bench and metal chain

wooden swing garden cherry wood metal chain

Wonderful shade in summer

wooden swing garden linen fabric light wood

Robust wooden swing in an Asian look

wooden swing garden robust teak

Noble cherry wood and linen in dark green

wooden swing garden redwood green seat pad

Simply made of light wood

wooden swing garden plain cedar wood

Cedar wood and simple ornaments

wooden swing garden roofing ornaments

Stable teak construction with white rope

wooden swing garden white rope

Hanging bed and curved lines

wooden swing hanging bed linen curved lines

Inviting sitting area with an open fireplace

wooden swing wooden stool wooden armchair open fireplace

Enjoy the spring

wooden swing wood rustic firewood

Magnificent wood carvings and fine chains in silver

wooden swing wood carvings silver chain

Solid wood and gold-plated chains with an Indian flavor

wooden swing indian wood carvings gold-plated chain

Fine teak pergola

wooden swing pergola stone slabs green plants

Breakfast at your own pond

wooden swing rope fabric pond

Swings for four

wooden swing teak four person benches

Exotic wooden swing with a breathtaking view

wooden swing covered terrace cushions teak