Yes, there is such a thing too! There is a plant of the year 2020 and it’s called fever clover. I’m sure you’re pretty curious about who bestows such titles. That is the Loki Schmidt Foundation. The motivation behind this classification is to draw attention to a special type of plant every year. You want to help save her. This is how you contribute to the preservation of the beauty of our nature. In this particular case, you are also preserving a beautiful plant that is good for our health. Find out how the fever clover won this honorable title this year.

This is what the fever clover looks like

2020 Fever Clover Plant of the Year

A rare flower that is not allowed to be picked

Fever clover is the generic term for a group of at least seven plants. You can also see the varied appearance of these from our pictures. They are all threatened with disappearing and that is why they are under protection. If you find fever clover in nature, you must by no means pick it because you face very high penalties.

This plant is found in waters that must be at least 15 cm deep. The maximum height that has been registered so far is around 30 cm. The appearance is very appealing. It is determined by white flowers and purple buds. The beautiful long handle makes for a very elegant appearance.

Fever clover has several different genera

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A medicinal plant, but it could also be poisonous

Fever clover is valued for its healing properties. But the name is a bit misleading. It cannot cure a fever. At least that has not yet been proven. Rather, you can keep gastrointestinal problems under control, for example with too much separation of acids. However, if you take too much, you could get a headache. So you shouldn’t pick the fever clover not only because of the punishment, but also because of your health.

This plant needs both water and a lot of sun

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Look for the fever clover in the natural pharmacy

We would like to emphasize once again that you should by no means pick the fever clover. Doing so will endanger your budget (due to the penalty) and your health as well. It is really difficult to get the right amount when using this medicinal herb. Rather, your own attempts could lead to serious problems. That is why we would like to recommend that you seek advice from the natural pharmacist. The fever clover could bring many health benefits. You could boost your health in general thanks to its many healthy ingredients. The consumption area will get you more enzymes and choline. Fever clover is also rich in vitamin C and iodine.

The purple buds are also a feature of the appearance of this plant

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Good for women’s health

The plant may have beneficial effects on hormone levels in many women. Over time, it could regulate menstruation. In addition, pain, nervousness and other similar symptoms could be positively influenced. The associated emotional fluctuations may be less noticeable in the long run. Fever clover is therefore also particularly beneficial for the mental health of women.

However, fever clover is poisonous if you take too much of it

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Problems with appetite and digestion

The too strong and too weak appetite could be regulated with the help of fever clover. The plant has a positive influence on the separation of gastric juices. It is precisely with these that it often has to do with the need to eat a little more too often. In other cases, problems with gastric juices make you sick. Both can be avoided thanks to remedies with fever clover from the pharmacy.

The name is misleading because it does not treat fever.

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The fever clover has definitely earned the title “Plant of the Year 2020”. However, caution is required when using it. It should only be bought as a remedy from the natural pharmacy. Use should only be made in accordance with medical advice.

The fever clover contains a lot of vitamin C.

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It is a plant that is under nature protection

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The title Plant of the Year is awarded by the Loki Schmidt Foundation

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The fever clover could also help with hormonal problems

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Especially digestion can be wonderfully influenced by this plant

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The plant needs at least 15 cm deep water

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If you want to benefit from the healing effects, ask your remedial pharmacist!

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