play tower-pirate-ship-for-children

Make your children happy with the pirate ship play tower

A playhouse for children is always very welcome, especially when it’s as exciting as this pirate ship play tower from Hammacher gourmet, that you can see above. Your children will definitely love the adventurous house. Usually boys are more into ships and pirates, but this great climbing frame also has something to offer girls.

Placed in the garden or in the courtyard, the pirate ship offers all children the unique opportunity to spend many pleasant and exciting hours playing together in the fresh air.

In addition, the climbing frame pirate ship will create an extraordinarily unconventional atmosphere in the outdoor area of ​​your house. Made of fir wood and painted with pollutant-free paint, the ship looks particularly realistic. Unfortunately, the price cannot be overlooked either. The chic pirate ship play tower costs around 20,000 euros. That’s why you can come up with a few creative alternatives, right? Check out the next playhouse ideas!

A rather modest variant for smaller pirates is this sandpit pirate ship

play tower pirate ship with play box with sand

A pirate ship with a slide and climbing wall – not a bad idea either

play tower pirate ship made of light wood and climbing wall

Small and nice with a large pirate flag

play tower pirate ship small but nice

It looks a bit like on a theater stage, doesn’t it?

Everything has really been thought of here

play tower pirate ship as big as real

Such a climbing frame pirate ship will make the heart of every little pirate beat faster

play tower pirate ship with large steering wheel

What do you think? How will your children react when they see such a great play tower pirate ship in the yard?