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The care of the angel’s trumpet

There are few garden plants that arouse such interest as the angel’s trumpet. In its natural habitat, the Brugmansia can reach heights of up to 6 m. In principle, that’s nothing special for a tree. The fact that makes it interesting is that it is completely covered in great blooms.

This magnificent plant has its origins in South America

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General information about the angel’s trumpet

The angel’s trumpet is also known under the name Brugmansia. Sometimes it is confused with Daturas. Both types of plants have quite a lot in common visually. However, they are not related to each other from a botanical point of view.

The beautiful plant needs a lot of space and sufficient water

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Burgmansia is a tree and Datura is a bush. Both types of plants are easiest to distinguish based on their flowers. In Burgmansia the flowers hang down, while in Datura they stand upright.

The angel’s trumpets do not suffer from typical plant diseases

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Burgmansia in plant tubs

Many people believe that Burgmansia can only grow in tropical climates. It’s actually a wonderful pot plant.

Angel trumpets need a large bucket. It should be three feet high. The ideal temperature of the environment should be over 10 degrees. In such conditions, the plant could stay outside.

Regular fertilization is necessary for magnificent flowers

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The plant can easily overwinter at temperatures between 10 and 15 ° C

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It is important to know that most Burmansia plants do not reach their full height in pots. They would grow 3.5 meters tall.

Between inside and outside

You can look after the Burgmensia wonderfully as a container plant indoors and outdoors. The minimum temperature is important. The angel’s trumpet should also be in a sunny place.

Unfortunately, while she’s inside, you wouldn’t see any flowers. These grow in the garden or on the terrace when the weather is good.

Pay attention to the leaves and provide first aid

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The angel’s trumpet has a high concentration of toxins

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The irrigation

The right irrigation differs indoors and outdoors. Outside, the earth should always be moist. Inside, however, you would have to wait until the earth is completely dry. Start active watering about a month before you think you need to get the plant out.

In the event of poisoning, medical help should be sought immediately

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In order for the angel’s trumpet to flourish, you should carefully cut, fertilize and water it

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