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Wonderful boxwood gardens

Isn’t spring a wonderful season? We see many beautiful flowers and the colors in nature take their worthy place again after a long time.

I love the flowers! But when talking about large areas, I prefer the wonderful lush greenery.

In my opinion, you can achieve a wonderful effect by planting boxwood.

The garden doesn’t just have to grow on the ground, does it?

Boxwood plants

Boxwood plants landscape stone footpath tree

the Boxwood plants look wonderful in terracotta containers, don’t you think? Few have stairs of this size. However, try to consider the same type of containers and plants for your exterior design! Great right? Even with 2 or 3 levels you can achieve a wonderful effect. [According to This is Glamorous]

Boxwood plants

flower pots boxwood plants stair garden

More terracotta. These extra long containers ensure an oversized design and make any entrance area appear super interesting. The pots are a bit different, but they are Boxwood plants themselves show roughly the same shape and size. This creates a seamless look. At the top, you could add some wonderful flowers. [According to My Design Chic]

This is a great space filler if you want to fill in the gaps

Boxwood plants flower pots classic pillar mediterranean tone

At the pool in the back yard

Boxwood plants pool lying grass

 By the rounded Boxwood plants one achieves uniformity. If you have pots and plants of different sizes, you achieve a great textured appearance and at the same time ensure the protection of the private space. [According to Greige Design]

This garden here has a massive mix of style and size when it comes to the flower pots

Boxwood plants flower pots garden art round parasol

Boxwood in different sizes

Boxwood plants garden shrubs

Caring for boxwood plants

Boxwood plants flower pots flooring sand gravel

If you are talking about great elegance anyway … This room is small, but really exciting


 You have the feeling that you have reached your own house through a small labyrinth. The box trees also protect the private area. So if you want to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, no one will see that you are still wearing your pajamas. [According to Better Homes and Gardens]

So here we see a really sophisticated garden. But you can dream, right? I love the shapes in which the box trees have been cut. The plants seem to melt into a colorful unit. The varying heights make the garden appear more interesting no matter what angle you look at. [According to Loic Brohard]

Here we see an oasis in the backyard

Boxwood cut plants flower pots landscape concrete wall

The box trees don’t need to protect privacy here. This task is fulfilled by other elements. These are the tall trees and the wall. The low book trees create a separation between the walkway and the garden. This would be a great idea if you have pets who love exploring. [According to My Design Chic]

Here is another example of a successful boxwood design

house pointed roof asian white garden bench

 In this case, the garden was created without adding different types of plants. The shapes make for a great variety. This compensates for the uniformity, which is determined by the exclusive dominance of the green color. [According to My Design Chic]

You will also find it amazing how exciting a monochromatic garden can look?

Boxwood garden plants flower pots square metal vessels

Geometric boxwood design

landscape pebble boxwood buy garden art

Based on what has been described so far, one can certainly say that boxwood is a plant that introduces great shapes into the garden. You can use all kinds of geometric rules that you know from school or elsewhere. The mixture of rounded and sharp shapes ensures an always appealing appearance. [According to My Design Chic]

Boxwood pyramids? I love her! Don’t ask how long it takes to get them this way! But the result is certainly worth it, isn’t it? You can see this in the picture here. According to the standard, you should mix the pyramids with the round shapes. So the look will appear extra interesting. [According to Ultra Panavision]

I already have plans in mind for how I will design my garden in autumn and winter

boxwood trees foliage plants garden triangle

Just imagine the chic character of the front door when you embellish it with some great green touches! Why don’t you make your own maze in the backyard? In any case, I hope you enjoy it!