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Do you want to buy new garden plants? Do you have Balkan anemones and mimosa?

Perhaps you want to buy a new garden plant that is not too common, but not too exotic? You want something that is a little different from all of the native flowers, but that doesn’t add too much maintenance complications given the local geographic conditions?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then I guess we have something you will be pretty excited about. There are two types of plants that exactly meet these conditions.

Buy Balkan anemone (Anemone blanda) as a garden plant

buy garden plants anemone blanda blue meadow grass

Now let’s see what you would do to yourself if you bought Balkan anemones as a garden plant. It is also called the ripping anemone. This is a perennial flowering plant species. It originally comes from the Mediterranean area. You have a lot of hybrids. They also show very varied shades, for example in white, pink, red, purple and blue. When you buy this garden plant, you will have something wonderfully blooming in your garden or backyard, especially between March and May. So just in time for spring.

It is a magical harbinger of summer!

buy garden plants anemone blanda variegated

The care that you can expect

It is of course always nice to find out about the care of a garden plant before buying it. The place where the Balkan anemone should grow should be light to semi-shady. The earth should have a lime and at the same time clay-humus character. This would also have to be moistened regularly.

Propagation and insertion is also not very complicated. This is done by seeds in March. After 2 to 3 weeks these will grow. As a result, daughter bulbs will spread in the garden.

Delicate pink flowers

buy garden plants anemone blanda pink

The Balkan anemone would also use your help during the winter. When the leaves dry up, the roots should be removed from the soil. They then have to be moved to a dry and dark place. But it can’t be too cold there either. The earth must not become too dry either. Diseases are recognized by the withering root areas.

Caution! When buying this garden plant, know that it is very poisonous!

buy garden plants anemone blanda white purple

The leaves of the plant look like they have been scratched

buy garden plants anemone blanda leaves

Magical sky blue in the basket

buy garden plants blue basket

The Balkan anemones get along perfectly with other flowers

buy garden plants anemone blanda daffodils

Magnificent flowers in a delicate pink

buy garden plants anemone blanda rosa

Flower poetry in purple

buy garden plants anemone blanda delicate flowers

Radiant in white

garden plants buy white anemone blanda

Find the right place in the garden

buy garden plants blue anemone blanda

You should know that if you buy the mimosa (Mimosa pudica) as a garden plant …

The mimosa is an exotic plant of the mimosa family. There are around 500 subspecies of it. These naturally spread in Brazil, India and Ecuador. The mimosa reaches about 50-60 cm in height. Their sticks are prickly and bloom in light pink in summer. The leaves are very sensitive and when touched they go into themselves. This also happens when the light is insufficient.

The gentle blossom of the mimosa

garden plants buy mimosa blossom

The symmetrical foliage

garden plants buy mimosa leaves

Shy and sensitive

Buy garden plants mimosa pudica sensitive

The mimosa would be a plant for every winter garden. Because like many other tropical species, it cannot endure temperatures below 20 degrees. Immediately after purchasing this garden plant, it should be placed in a bright spot that is not directly lit by the sun.

The mimosa has to be far away from heating devices so that it does not dry out.

The Mimosa Pudica as a pot plant

garden plants buy mimosa potted plant

Unripe fruits in seed pods

garden plants buy unripe fruits

Ripe seeds

garden plants buy mimosa seeds

The earth must consist of three equal pieces of sand, clay and peat. You need to water regularly, but not too abundantly. It is important that the soil never dries out too much. Pouring by the drip method loves the delicate mimosa.

You can buy this garden plant or you can get the seeds for it. Because it is through this that they multiply. These would then have to remain immersed in the water for a few days. They are then planted in a peat mixture in March. The jar is covered with a glass and left in a light place. As soon as the mimosa reaches around 5 cm, it must be transplanted into large pots with the mixture just described. Their dimensions should be approx. 1 liter. Ensure very good drainage. The latter is of fundamental importance because the mimosa is destroyed by standing water.

Another method by which the mimosa reproduces is by cutting off a few sticks in spring and summer.

A wonderful duet in purple

garden plants buy mimosa purple

Exotic beauty

garden plants buy mimosa pink flower

Filigree splendor in red

buy garden plants mimosa pudica red

A beautiful mimosa tree

buy garden plants mimosa tree