Modern garden design – ideas for a beautiful outdoor dining area

The garden design is there for entertainment, depending on the modern understanding of the word. It is quite successful when it motivates us to eat outside, to relax and to throw parties. The modern garden design extends our living area.

Modern garden design with outdoor kitchen

garden design ideas al fresco dining area outdoor furniture throw pillows outdoor kitchen

Modern garden design – rustic al fresco dining area

garden design ideas al fresco dining area design garden fireplace

Set your priorities

the modern garden design is also universal, among other things. It must serve several purposes. However, in order for you to feel comfortable, one of these activities should be a priority.

The outdoor dining area should be airy and beautiful

modern garden design dining area furnishing carpet curtains

Design a modern dining area in the garden

modern garden design dining area design unusual dining table plants

Family life and al fresco dining

If you live in the house with your family, we recommend that you make al fresco dining a priority. In the majority of cases, we eat healthier outdoors and we spend a lot of time doing it. Everyone prefers to come home a little earlier for a good dinner.

Outside you feel comfortable and happy

modern garden design garden ideas plants flooring

Al fresco dining can be cozy and inviting in large and small areas. The examples that we give you illustrate this clearly. They are all easy to imitate.

The porch

Converting a veranda into a fabulous al fresco area can be so easy! This is especially useful when you have a good connection to the indoor kitchen. This is often the case in modern homes. The open kitchen areas that lead into a living room are very common there.

Set red accents and spread a summery mood

garden design ideas wicker furniture round carpet veranda design

Open the dining area to the outside

If the living room is adjacent to the garden, you can open it up to the outside area by making small structural changes. To do this, create a wider exit. You should mainly use glass on the doors. In this way, you can stay connected to the garden with the doors closed in winter.

The veranda is a nice additional living space for the summer

garden design ideas porch ideas glass doors rattan furniture

Separate the inside from the outside area with sliding doors

garden design ideas modern outdoor furniture garden ideas

Minimalistic dining area on the terrace or in the garden

Let the table for the evening dinners in the garden simply disappear into the surrounding nature. Use a minimalist approach to the construction of the table, the benches or the chairs. Use materials that mimic garden shapes and textures. Furniture made of wrought iron or wood is ideal in this case. Please note that, despite the simplicity of the shapes, you cannot compromise on quality and comfortable character.

Nice outdoor furniture makes the garden a favorite place for the summer

modern garden design round garden table plants

Minimalistic wooden table for a simple garden design

garden design ideas patio design wooden table wooden floor garden ideas

Seat cushions

How do we create a comfortable seating area without using a lot of expensive furniture? Sit on a stable base and have plenty of seat cushions ready. So you can correct the height of the furniture and determine how soft or firm the seat can be.

You can make the outside area more comfortable with seat cushions and garden cushions

garden design ideas garden table yellow tablecloth plants

Colored decorative pillows and flowers give the dining area a fresh touch

modern garden design round garden table seating furniture flooring plants

Carefully determine the height and distance of the furniture from each other

You should know that the distance between the seat and the table, or the height of the seat, are very important if we want to feel comfortable. These are small details that, in the long run, will have a big impact on whether or not you dine al fresco on a regular basis.

Combine unusual garden chairs with a wooden table

garden design ideas beautiful garden furniture garden plants wooden floor

The width of the table is also of great importance.

How can you determine the correct measurements? Do you have one or more Al Fresco restaurants in your area that you would like to visit? Restaurateurs know how something like this works and there you will find the right dimensions for the dining table …

Hang pendant lights above the dining table

garden design ideas alfresco dining area garden ideas garden decoration

Vintage decoration makes al fresco dining more pleasant

garden design ideas al fresco planting garden furniture

Perhaps you have friends with a simple and cozy outdoor dining area where dinners never end? Such practical examples are always the best inspiration when you want to determine the right dimensions for your own dining area in the front yard.

An open fireplace makes the dining area an exciting place

garden design ideas outdoor furniture dining area rattan furniture

Knitted furniture that can also be used on the winter terrace

The knitted furniture is light, stable, super comfortable and elegant. They are always a good choice when you want to furnish a comfortable and upscale dining area. In addition, they can also find a good place in the interior design in winter.

Wicker furniture and a wooden table are an interesting combination

garden design ideas wicker furniture wooden table large floor tiles

Design and illuminate a chic dining area in the garden

garden design ideas al fresco dining area flooring garden lighting

Aluminum is a material that works well for the outdoor furniture

garden design ideas aluminum garden furniture carpet seat cushions

Outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining area is a good solution for those warm summer days

garden design ideas outdoor kitchen al fresco dining area

Spice up the dining table with extraordinary decoration

garden design ideas dining area al fresco stones garden plants

Protect the small dining area from the sun’s rays with a summer umbrella

garden design ideas garden ideas al fresco dining area plants

Give the dining area a rustic look

garden design ideas wooden table stone wall rustic stool wooden floor

Give the garden a sea atmosphere with blue fabric patterns

garden design ideas sun umbrella throw pillows garden ideas

Create a romantic atmosphere

garden design ideas veranda design flower decoration garden ideas

Choosing suitable furniture for the veranda

modern garden design veranda design dining area

Made of iron, the furniture is well suited for outdoor use

modern garden design dining area iron furniture flooring garden

Small outdoor dining area for pleasant lunches in summer

modern garden design dining area ideas lawn garden pond

Separate the dining area from the relaxation area

modern garden design garden furniture separate areas

Make the tea breed stylish

modern garden design rattan furniture plants throw pillows floor tiles