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Would you like to plant an avocado??

Avocado can be used to prepare many tastes. It is an exotic plant from the tropics and southern tropics, but has already spread worldwide and has become very popular. If you are also into the avocado taste and its healthy properties, consider the idea of ​​planting an avocado tree in the garden.

It’s really possible!

The avocado fruit is pear-shaped, green to greenish-brown, which is why it is still called alligator pear. The pulp inside is green-yellow to golden-yellow. The avocado fruits are not ripe on the tree. You can also ripen later.

Avocados are climacteric fruits

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The peel and core of the avocado are not edible. The creamy avocado pulp is suitable for the preparation of guacamole – the famous Mexican avocado sauce, as well as other delicacies.

Avocado with a core

avocado plants garden design ideas avocado core

The avocado kernel can be used for another purpose – to grow avocado trees. But how can one Plant the avocado? Unfortunately, without the right tips, your efforts will be unsuccessful.

Avocado juice

Planting avocado avocado kernel press avocado juice

Rinse the avocado core under running water and pierce it from all four sides in the center with toothpicks. Fill a glass with tap water and place the core with the lower part so that the top remains dry. Take into account the level of the glass and wait patiently for the roots to grow. Then remove the toothpicks and plant the avocado core in a relatively large flower pot.

Planting avocado – instructions

Planting avocado gardening ideas growing avocado

Another way to germinate the avocado core

Grow avocado tree

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Avocado cross section

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Prepare the core

Avocado planting avocado kernel prick toothpick glass of water

All parts of the avocado

Avocado planting garden design and planting

The little avocado tree before planting

Avocado growing garden design ideas avocado core

Avocado as a houseplant

avocado planting garden and planting ideas

 The avocado tree can grow up to 15-20 meters in the wild

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The darker green, the more ripe the avocado

Planting avocado green ripe stages

Ripe avocado fruits

Avocado grow avocado core ripe avocado

 Delicious guacamole

Avocado grow avocado kernel guacamole

Avocado fruits on the tree

Avocado planting garden design ideas exotic plants

Planting avocado – that’s how it works