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Don’t let these excuses keep you from successful garden design

So you are not a gardener? Maybe it’s because your last attempt at making tomatoes grow ended up being a catastrophic failure, or because you think you don’t have enough space or time for something like this. No matter what the reasons for your phobia of plants are, here are some tips that will help you to stop blaming yourself and decide to design your garden.

The successful garden design

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1. I kill everything I touch

For fans of this statement, I have the following suggestion: Accept that your plants may not grow well enough or even die. Actually, you should assume so. Only practice can help you avoid this over time. Every plant you kill makes you a better gardener. You will understand what you need better every time.

In order to avoid the complete and final destruction of the plant, you should be able to recognize the signs of spoilage in time. That could be the yellowish leaves, the rotting roots and the low resilience and anything else that seems a little unusual. You then need a bit of research to figure out what to do.

Colorful, fresh flowers

successful garden design red type of plant colorful flowers

Sometimes you buy the plants in very bad shape and then in a few days or weeks they fall apart. So it’s not up to you! Obviously the people who sold you the plant don’t know enough about it. So it often happens that, for example, plants that love the shade are positioned in the sun. In other cases, species are overwatered which are set in pots that have no holes for the water to drain off. It also happens that the plant is already sick.

2. Gardening is too expensive

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Yes, the garden can cost you a lot of money if you don’t know how to spend it wisely. If you know what to do, however, it will be cheap. I’ll tell you something: The plants are also being sold out! When I started with the garden, I bought a lot from the bargain area of ​​the shopping malls. I would buy those whose roots were frozen, orchids that weren’t in bloom, and so on.

Make friends with other gardeners

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You could also make friends with other gardeners and acquire some plants from them when they are cut, sown, or distributed. Aha, and here’s a little something to think about: How about a vegetable garden that is sure to pay off!

3. I can’t even keep tomatoes alive

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I hear this statement very often and I answer immediately that the tomatoes are actually a very big challenge. Start with something else. While they are easy to care for once they have grown, they are also, most of all, the best at frustrating gardeners.

The successful garden design requires effort, effort, and a strong desire – start with something simpler before you get completely frustrated.

Dry soil

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Take a look around and see which plants grow in your area in almost all offices, homes and gardens. It’s best to start with it. At the beginning you should choose those that can also grow in very dry soil.

4. Gardening is for (.. here you name a category of people to which you do not belong)

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The combination in the pot here is anything but typical. So no matter who it is about: There is a suitable garden for everyone. Even a 20 year old who hates everything traditional can find their way into some kind of garden design.

Maintain vegetable garden

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You can also tend grandmother’s plants if you feel like it, but it can also be fun to have ones that no one else has. Also consider vegetables or herbs that you can use when preparing food. Or maybe you fancy the carnivorous plants? I personally love the window plants, which have jelly-like leaves, and the tropical bromeliads, such as the Aechmea apocalyptica, with their crazy, sinful flower stems in red and gray.

The good thing about plants is that they really don’t care what we think of them

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5. I don’t have space for a garden

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Of course you have space! I don’t need a yard, terrace or even a table surface to create my own green oasis. In an apartment you still have the option of growing plants in a vertical container or on a very narrow terrace. Look around for unused enclosures such as former shower stalls, which you can easily convert into a facility for caring for plants. I turned one into an orchid garden. All he needs is a little water and special fertilizers for orchids from time to time.

The first criterion on which to look for the right place for your plant is its compatibility with the conditions. In other words, you need to research species that can develop under the available circumstances. Finding these out is a learning curve.

Ornate collection of succulents

Successful garden design red plant type succulents My terrace was too dark for the flowers, succulents and vegetables that I chose for the first time. However, I have found that this is the right place for house plants. After not watering them for weeks, only the orchids, bromeliads, and other species that normally grow in the canopy and are used to similar conditions of drought and shade have survived.


successful garden design red type of plant pink flowers

Every plant that has died has made room for others who would have felt good in their place.

Here’s another tip: Put plants that get along well in common containers to save space and money!

6. I don’t have time for the garden

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There are so many plants that do not require them because it is very easy to care for them. Succulents and cacti in pots are perfect for people like you. These hardly need to be watered and only need a sunny window.

Cacti in flower pots


If you want to cut down on the mowing time in the garden, you may want to consider some trees and shrubbery as these require much less maintenance. Vegetable gardens are a bit of a hassle, but after that you will save time preparing the food and be easier to stay slim!

7. I was given a plant, but it died

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The truth is, most of the plants that are given to you have an ending like this. That can only be changed with a very strong commitment on your part. Many of the potted plants you get are annual and will perish no matter how well you take care of them.

That garden terrace on your closet is a bomb waiting to be exploaded because it contains too many plants growing under the same conditions. In many cases, there are also no holes to drain and the flowers are overwatered.

Magnificent bold colors

successful garden design red type of plant pink flowers

One can only marvel at the number of people who are firmly convinced that they cannot care for plants because they saw one die that they received as a gift.

To avoid this, people should be helped to take better care of the plants successful garden design red type of plant beautiful gardener