The queen of flowers has innumerable faces. We have already introduced you to a few types of roses. But today we are talking about a proud representative of the rose genus – the Damascus rose. In fact, it is most widely used in cosmetics thanks to its heavenly scent and extremely high content of essential oils. This rose was named after the name of the city of Damascus, Syria. It is believed that the Crusaders brought them to Europe. Another theory says that the Damascus rose is said to have been popular with the Romans and they brought it to England.

The latest studies prove, however, that the rose is a hybrid and comes from the central regions of Asia. Some of the largest growing areas with Damascus rose are currently in Bulgaria. To be more precise: in the world-famous Rosental. The rose harvest is celebrated in Bulgaria every year. With colorful costumes and garlands of roses, people pick the precious rose and sing and dance to the happy folk rhythms.

Magnificent, fragrant flowers

damask rose fresh blossom

The Damascus rose is actually a shrub that grows to 1.5 to 3 meters high and has flexible branches. There are many reddish, hook-shaped spines on them. The gray-green leaves are slightly arched and the fine but rich rosy flowers hang down. The long sepals are typical. The fruits themselves then develop into jar-shaped rose hips.

The rose harvest is in May and June. Since the oil content of the flowers is greatly reduced in the warmth, the harvest usually starts before sunrise.

Romantic inspiration in summer

damask rose light pink freshly scented

The Damascus rose has a wide range of uses, especially in cosmetics. The most valuable is rose oil, which is one of the most expensive essential oils of all. To obtain one liter of rose oil, you need four to five tons of flowers. It is often used as one of the main substances in fine perfumes. Rose water, which has been a popular household remedy for 3000 years, is also produced from the roses. Not only were hands washed with this, but also the face and small babies. Nowadays, the roses are also used to make bath salts and fragrant soaps. A healthy and very popular dish in many southern countries is rose jam, which is particularly enjoyed at breakfast.

The rose oil can also be called a panacea. Some of the most important areas of application are: bronchitis, dry, stressed skin, ulcers, heart problems, depression, anxiety. The essential oil is also used at birth. It supports relaxation primarily through its harmonizing effect. With her variety – the Damascus rose – the queen of flowers proves once again to be indispensable not only when it comes to beauty, but also to health and harmony. The wonderful scent and the valuable, essential oils invite us again and again into the realm of roses.

The precious flowers are always harvested by hand

damask rose flowers pink

Rosa Damascena Aurora

damask rose botanical category

Lush green and a soft pink

damask rose rose oil cosmetic fragrance

Aromatic beauty in the Rose Valley, Bulgaria

damask rose bulgarian rose oil

The harvest has already started

damask rose harvest summer bulgaria

A girl in traditional costume decorates the baskets with fresh rose petals

damask rose bulgaria traditional costume rose harvest

The rose pickers wear wonderful garlands of flowers

damask rose rosental festival bulgaria

Even older women take part in the harvest

damask rose traditional harvest

The noble material has to be processed

damask rose valuable rose oil cosmetics

Every year a queen is elected at the Festival of Roses in Bulgaria

damask rose festival bulgaria

Abundant harvest

damask rose rose harvest fresh flowers

A face mask made from roses has an antiseptic and calming effect

damask rose homemade face mask

Homemade bath salt with dried rose petals

damask rose bath salt

The rose water and its universal properties

damask rose natural cosmetics rosenwasser

Rose essential oil is the secret to many expensive and popular perfumes

damask rose perfume ingredient expensive

Make rose soap yourself

damask rose rose soap homemade

Eat healthy rose jam for breakfast

damask rose rose jam healthy

damask rose bath salt photo collage