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Wonderful courtyard with water mirrors that borders the living room

Alex Hazanaki is the name of the landscape designer from the wonderful space you get to see below. He had the demanding task of combining open living, entertainment and family areas in one patio.

The basic design includes wooden paths, which are laterally surrounded by water.

In addition, a minimalist design was chosen, which is combined with restrained vegetation.

Garden design ideas from landscape designer Alex Hazanaki

garden design ideas courtyard sustainable building bamboo wood

Across the wooden paths we see a kind of bridges, but they only serve as decoration. They have been covered with pebbles and round-shaped bushes.

Square stone slabs were made from brick and cement. These can be found along the side paths.

Design the sidewalk

garden design ideas sustainable building design pavement

Viewed in the overall context, this garden was designed in such a way that it corresponds to the needs and appearance of the building. In the first place, this happens through the rectangular design, which corresponds to the shape and the house. In addition, the plan of the garden has a lot in common with the open plan of the living room.

Actually, the garden area should mainly be geared towards this room. You can see quite a lot of the character of the living room within the picture. Firstly, it was surrounded on both sides with floor-to-ceiling windows. The furniture together form square lines and have been distributed in such a way that they look partly to the front area and partly to the side path.

Minimalist, sustainable and green

garden design ideas sustainable building bamboo wood visibility and sun protection

The furnishing of the furniture is in neutral shades. The wooden elements are still dominant. The decoration is very reserved. It can be said that in certain respects this space has been integrated like part of the garden. The boundary between the two is so fluid and imperceptible in certain respects.

The green design of the courtyard and the wooden elements not only spice up the terrace, but also the living room itself.

You could also say that the designer defines the garden as the summer living room.

Exotic plant species

garden design ideas courtyard plant types

It simply goes without saying that when the weather is right, the conversation can be put into the garden. On other occasions, you can also enjoy its charm from inside.

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 Relaxation corner with a view of the inner courtyard