ideas for creative and green garden design

Again about the garden design

A garden represents the dream of many busy people who want to have a corner at home in which they can totally free themselves from everyday stress.

Garden design – creative, modern and simple

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However, gardening is quite complex and many people lose their enthusiasm as soon as they have to get to work. This requires very complex knowledge, which includes landscape design and agriculture.

Simple tips and useful garden ideas

garden design ideas creative garden ideas

As with other large projects, you have to set priorities. We would therefore like to help you determine this. The following is about the minimum that you have to take on so that the garden design turns out to be more successful with less effort.

Make your garden minimalist and cozy

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Spread the frame

When designing a garden, you should always keep the visual expansion of the frame in mind. Use the properties of perspective as you would in a painting. The visually larger area would contribute to a comfortable feeling in the garden, even if it is small.

Make your garden appear bigger

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You should rather do without the excessive entanglements, or you should not build them up on all sides. It also helps if the fences are transparent.

See-through or living garden fences

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Soft lines and shapes

If you want a small area to look cozy and upscale, the best thing to do is to rely on the geometric figures and the smooth, clear lines.

Rounded shapes and smooth lines

garden design creative garden ideas gentle shapes

Small water source

Regardless of whether you are guided by Feng Shui when designing your garden or simply by the modern tendencies in exterior design, a water system would definitely be appropriate. In the end, your mood outside would just be fresher and livelier.

A small garden pond will refresh your garden significantly

garden design with gravel and hedge creative garden ideas

Orient the perspective upwards

Try to get the most out of the floor space. That would work best if you are looking up perspective. Make use of the vertical surfaces – walls, fences, etc., both aesthetically and functionally.

Another optical illusion

garden design creative garden ideas japanese style

Make use of the vertical space

garden design ideas with gravel and wood garden plants

Avoid corners and rough edges

The corners and rough edges are something that puts us under stress on an unconscious level and makes us feel uncomfortable. Even after Feng Shui, they do not bring good energy with them.

A modern green roof terrace

garden design creative garden ideas modern roof terrace

They also have a visually restrained appearance. Avoid these by relying on the rounded shapes and design standards.

Rely on round shapes

garden design creative front garden design with stones

Make the garden cluttered?

Clearly, this point is not an addition to the previous rules, but rather an alternative to most of them. You can replace the illusion of perspective with that of abundance. Even so, you will be able to enjoy relaxation.

Make the garden stepped

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Mirror effects

Everyone knows mirror effects from their own experience in interiors. They can also be used in the garden through windows and decorations. However, you should take the following warning very seriously: On hot days and in the presence of dry plants and materials, there is a risk of fire. Make sure that you have removed the prerequisites for this.

Create more shaded areas in your garden

garden design creative garden ideas veranda pebbles wooden floorboards

Garden design with a hedge

garden design creative garden ideas green privacy screens

The hedge takes a lot of maintenance, but the end result is worth it

garden design creative garden ideas green privacy protection garden lighting

Here is a masterful work of art

garden design creative garden ideas care for a hedge

Use the entire length of the garden

garden design creative garden ideas garden fence wood

If you often grill in the garden, then you also need the right equipment

garden design creative garden ideas barbecue in the courtyard

Don’t forget about your children either and build a children’s playground


Elegant and simple garden design

garden design creative garden ideas lawn trees

Create a relaxation corner for it

garden design creative garden ideas rattan furniture lawn fence

Structure the garden in a variety of ways

garden design creative garden ideas veranda concrete paving wood floorboards

Front yard design ideas

garden design entrance area front garden design concrete pavement

Fireplace in the middle of the rock garden

garden design with stones and gravel fireplace