trellis garden fence stone vases

How about a trellis to admire?

Trellis are in again! But in our time of reuse and environmental protection, they are not what they used to be. In this area, too, there are super creative ideas.


The industrial style, together with the topic of recycling, has also found its way into the trellis area.

The inner parts of a great many machines are successfully used in such projects.

If such tendril grids are made in the right ambience and with the help of a good designer, they could inscribe themselves super well anywhere.

Colored glass or plastic can set special color accents

trellis garden fence colorful glass plastic panes

Trellis made from old bicycles

The reuse of bicycles in design is also a very strong trend recently. This is understandable. Bicycles are used very widely. They are used by people who usually take care of the environment. So, the latter feel guilty after their amortization. Together with the good memories, this ensures that bicycles and their parts find new life in visible places in the interior and exterior design. For example on trellises.

Curvy shapes made from common materials.

Would you like to have trellises made of the usual materials, but still want them to look lively and peculiar? You can do that and you would be enrolled in a larger current trend as well.

Stylish and curved made of wrought iron

trellis garden fence metal concrete stones

Let’s take the combination of stone wall with glass. You feel on the safe side with this kind of trellis. At the same time, however, you have a weightless and loose appearance through the use of glass.

The second aspect is even more pronounced if you would also opt for curved lines instead of straight ones.

Striking elements for the rural style

Do you really want to give your farm a distinctive rural style? If so, why not create the trellis from materials that are typical for them? What about edges from ancient wagons or other such elements? With good processing (cleaning, painting) you not only achieve an appealing, but also sustainable look.

It could also be very rustic and authentic

Trellis garden fence wooden blocks

Symbols of a stylish garden

Do you love the English or the Italian garden style? But your outdoor area cannot be set up like this for financial or other reasons? All is not lost. You can also take a typical element from these styles and make your trellis out of it. What about great stone vases?

Fabric and plants

You can also go the “gentle” way with trellises. We mean the cases in which you do not want to achieve so much secure protection, but rather framing the private area. Trellis can also consist of great “soft” materials such as plants.

Or painted in the classic white

Trellis garden fence painted white wood


Of course, the most elevated appearance of the trellis would be possible if you find an artistic solution. Such ideas are becoming more common. They make the trellis a really unique work. The materials that are used are very varied. The styles range from futuristic to classic to ancient.

And wood simply remains timeless

Trellis garden fence wood painted blue

In this context, it would also be important to emphasize that many methods and approaches from interior design are used.

Let our examples inspire you for a fabulous and unique solution. Just because it is such, it would make your garden look super modern!

See trellis as a work of art

Trellis garden fence concrete artfully

Abstract geometry around the garden

Trellis garden fence wooden planks

Old wooden wheels for the ultimate rustic look

trellis garden fence wooden wheels rustic

For the real purists among you

trellis garden fence classic wooden planks

Combine functionality with aesthetics

trellis garden fence natural wood logs

A smart upcycling idea with old shutters

Trellis garden fence privacy screen shutters Trellis garden fence privacy screen wooden planks

A cool mesh as a garden fence

Trellis garden fence privacy screen willow

Plywood abstractions

Trellis garden fence plywood abstract