Celebrating a children’s birthday party at home is becoming increasingly rare, because most of the time, the parents are much too busy. But this can be so amusing, funny and great for the little ones and provide lifelong memories. If, as parents, you dare to do this and would like to organize a perfect children’s birthday party at home, we have some tips and ideas ready for you. Have fun reading on!

Determine the number of children and send out invitations

The organization of the children’s birthday party is the responsibility of the parents and therefore also the responsibility of all invited children. So the more children there are, the more difficult it will be to supervise. The organizers of such events recommend holding back with the large number of children – 12 is an ideal number! Tell your child the limited number and they should then decide who is allowed to be at the birthday party. Send the submissions a few weeks before the event. Don’t forget to include the date, time, address and other information about the party on the invitations. Leaving a phone number is always a good idea so that the parents of the invited children can contact you. Also, offer for early confirmation.

Celebrate the perfect children’s birthday party

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A great game idea for the children’s birthday party

A small competition in the house or garden will delight and cause excitement for all children. Playing a bouncy bag in the garden or maybe children’s bowling in the living room will awaken the fighting spirit of all children. Whichever game you choose, it is important to think of a reward. This could be a medal, cup or trophy – with the engraved date and the name of the birthday child, this is also a great reminder of the party. But remember that the little ones could take first, second and third place and these should be awarded. For young children, it may be better if all children are given encouragement. You will find a large selection of cups, medals and trophies at the company Vereinbedarf Deitert-auf www.pokalprofi.de, you can take a look at everything and, if you wish, even order it online.

Ensure the party environment

Before the kid’s birthday party starts, make sure that the environment is child-safe. Put away all fragile and valuable items. Limit the spaces and decide where the children can have fun. Set up a zone for food and drinks.

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The right decoration

The decoration of the party should be considered in advance. Ask your child if they have any special requests regarding the party theme. Would you like the party decoration to be associated with your favorite hero or something more classic? Great decoration ideas can be found with all characters from the fairy tale world, as well as those relating to the forest, safari and space themes.

More useful tips for the little ones’ house party

  • Organize the party on the weekend days so everyone can come. Depending on the age of the child, you should consider the time: for toddlers it is better to have a party in the morning and for the slightly older children in the afternoon.
  • The experienced organizers recommend that the party lasts no more than 4 hours.
  • Also think of small favors as a souvenir: e. B. funny photos with the birthday child, bracelets for the girls or badges for the boys.

All parents want only the best for their children! We wish you an easy organization of the children’s birthday party and many beaming children’s faces!

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