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Christmas gift ideas – just give FAIR gifts this year!

Yes, happy faces can be recognized by their casual smile. These women are really proud of themselves, of their work and of their community. They pick and grow coffee. You have finally discovered the winning streak and it’s called Fair Trade. It is a rapidly expanding alternative to conventional world trade.

It is more about a trade with a human face. It is only acted on a high moral and ethical level – without middlemen, without fraud and without child labor. The guaranteed minimum price and the fair trade premium give the smallholders and workers who form cooperatives a realistic chance of a better life. In this way, the communities get enough funds to build schools and hospitals. Fair Trade finally helps people in developing countries to break the vicious circle of poverty. The children no longer need to work. They can go to school and enjoy their childhood the way they should.

Parents work much more motivated and hopeful than they used to be

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For more detailed information, visit the Fair Trade Blog of

Would you also like to be a part of this fair deal? Then this year give your loved ones fair trade gifts, ideally from organizations and associations that meet really high standards such as Gepa, El Puente and DWP. Just go to the world shop near you or visit the Christmas market in your town. You are sure to find a lot of pretty fair trade gifts there. Always look out for the Fair Trade seal from FLO (Fair Trade International). It would of course be ideal if the product also has the organic seal, especially when it comes to food or textiles.

In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Co. it goes without saying that you buy your Christmas gifts online. Of course, this is also very easy with fair trade gifts. We have researched for you and discovered 10 very chic finds. We propose these to you as Christmas gift ideas with a clear conscience.

   Have fun browsing and Merry Christmas!

Lanterns and lanterns over phoenyx&fox

christmas gift ideas fair trade lanterns lanterns

Vintage chest of drawers with 4 drawers by Gepa

christmas gift ideas fair trade vintage dresser gepa

Colorful round paisley pen holder by Gepa

christmas gift ideas fair trade pen holder indian motifs

Elephant Raga red by Gepa

christmas gift ideas fair trade artwork elephant raga red gepa

Bio Café Orgánico double pack from Gepa

christmas gift ideas fair trade bio cafe thank you gepa

Coconut shell ‘heart’ with mother-of-pearl inlay from El Puente

christmas gift ideas fair trade coconut shell heart blue el puente

El Puente woven cotton hammock

christmas gift ideas fair trade hammock hand woven el puente

Tagua stone necklace (Corozo), different shapes and colors, L60 by DWP

christmas gift ideas fair trade necklace tagua stones dwp

Angel sitting with flute, tone, H 7.5 by DWP

christmas gift ideas fair trade angel flute peruvian dwp

Fair trade cosmetics from ADA shop from Fair CosmEthics

christmas gift ideas fair trade cosmetics cosmethics ada shop