A new fashion trend in the baby-mom world is that a baby shower party should be celebrated. The increasing trend originally comes from the USA and has been welcomed and celebrated again and again in Europe in recent years.

For many people who do not come into frequent and extensive contact with children and parents, but are invited to baby parties, a baby shower party often sounds scary. We would therefore like to reveal a number of secrets around this unknown baby shower party and give you a few ideas and suggestions on your way to the party.

The baby shower party tradition comes from the USA and is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe

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Baby shower party -what is it?!

The so-called baby shower party is a relatively young party that many expectant mothers like to organize. According to tradition, only women who are close to the future mother are invited to the baby shower. Since it is primarily about the gifts at many such parties, one does not pay too much attention to the rule.

Long after you’ve shared the good news with all your friends and just before your child’s due date is the right time for a baby shower.

Party always sounds like a lot of fun, joy and pleasure

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What happens at a baby shower?

At many baby shower parties, the gender of the child is announced, people laugh and joke and wish mum all the best. There are fun games played at some events, but mostly they meet to have fun and bring gifts for mom and baby.

An atmospheric party decoration makes every celebration even more beautiful

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Suitable gift ideas for baby parties

Of course, if you only find out the baby’s gender at the party, it will be difficult to bring a gender-related gift. That’s actually not a bad thing, because there are so many other gift ideas that are independent of pink and baby blue. Books and DVDs with tips and advice for young parents or grandparents who are inexperienced are very popular and useful. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, you can still prepare universal gifts such as diapers or vouchers. The mother will be happy about everything that supports her in motherhood.

The future mother traditionally announces the gender of the child at the party

Baby shower cookies

Baby shower doesn’t always mean pink and baby blue

baby shower party purple party decoration

Individually made or selected thematically to match – you definitely need party decorations and tableware sets

baby shower party dishes

There are of course gifts and many congratulations for the party

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Creative support for mums who want to decorate the apartment for the baby party

Mums who want to have a baby shower should decorate the apartment accordingly for the special day. Since you usually tell the guests the gender of the child on this day, you can choose appropriate colors or exclamations for your decoration. Sweet or hearty snacks and drinks can be changed with food coloring for a festive occasion. Don’t forget straws, balloons, paper plates and cutlery.

You can do more than just decorate your home for a baby shower 

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Fun mother-baby relationship building games are often played at a baby shower party 

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The decoration for the baby shower can have a seasonal character 

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A nice idea is to give the guests a small souvenir of the celebration and to capture the beautiful moments photographically.

The Freshideen team wishes you a sweet and successful party!

Being surrounded by good friends at a party makes any pregnant woman even happier 

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Funny guest gifts or party accessories create a good atmosphere 

baby shower party ideas diy decoration

To celebrate the day there is of course a delicious cake 

baby shower party ideas fondant cake

The diapers are of course a practical gift idea for every baby shower party

baby shower party decor ideas

Lovingly designed diaper cakes are a hit at every baby shower party 

baby shower party ideas diaper cake

Small culinary niceties with a personal touch can inspire your guests 

baby shower party ideas

The truest things are simple 

baby shower party twins keepsakes

When decorating your cake, you shouldn’t be confused about whether the baby is a girl or a boy 

baby shower party puzzling

Announcing twins can also be solved in a creative way 

baby shower party twins

It would also be a good idea to have the party cutlery printed with your own motifs 

have baby shower party motifs printed

The baby shower can be made fantastic in any color 

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Capturing the beautiful moments photographically is an important point that must not be forgotten 

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baby shower party twins games

baby shower party aunts

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baby shower party near

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