bodypainter halloween decoration face paint

Artful decoration ideas for Halloween make-up and costumes

“I will always love art! The first time I painted my body myself for Halloween, I was 13 years old. Since that time I have invented my own techniques and ideas that I can use to recreate different designs. I really enjoy transforming myself in different ways for Halloween and being able to play different roles.

Paint the face for Halloween

Face painting on Halloween green fairy

You need 1 to 5 hours to complete everything precisely and to complete every single step, especially if you are into special effects and use professional cosmetic products. ”- says the 15-year-old artist, who you can see in the photos below. Take another look at the video with the instructions! Have fun and Happy Halloween together!

Made up like a playing card from Alice in Wonderland

dominant red and black colors

bodypainter halloween decoration face paint card

Zombie and vampire combined in one

bodypainter halloween decoration face paint zombie vampire

Like a visitor from a strange world

Alien face paint on Halloween

Two faces – monsters and humans

Face green Halloween paint artfully

Half-monster – half-human

and the beautiful 15 year old artist

Face costumes halloween paint two face