Have you already read our article about the CES (Customer Electronic Show) 2019 fair for hi-tech products? There we emphasized that there are more and more innovations that promote our health and well-being. Among other things, the fair featured ultra-modern hi-tech ideas related to fashion trends and beauty care. Of course, we are particularly interested in this topic and that is why we pay special attention to it here.

Smart technologies will scan our skin and faces to advise us about makeup

Scanning the face CES 2019

Smart mirror

Smart or intelligent mirrors could be seen everywhere at CES 2019. The good news is that in addition to the very expensive ones, there are also some free models that you can download onto your personal smart device. Most of the time, you can use it to virtually try out different makeup styles on your face.

Many of us will save money and time with apps that are associated with trying out different make-up styles in real life. The idea is not new, but its implementation has now become incredibly good, as the tests of the new hi-tech mirrors at the CES 2019 trade fair show. You create a realistic picture of our face by marking digital points and thus it comes to believable results.

Hi-tech mirrors allow you to try out different hairstyles

CES 2019 smart mirror

In addition to the makeup, you can also try different hairstyles and hair colors. So you can easily find out about the fashion trends 2019 and try them out at the same time. Some hi-tech smart mirrors are not only intended for the face, but also for the whole body! This allows you to choose your outfits intelligently. Some smart mirrors of the future will also help you in your health care. They will identify your skin and its problems and give you appropriate tips. Some hi-tech manufacturers are currently working on similar projects.

 Robots will not do away with the people-sellers, they will only help them

great clothes - CES 2019

Fashion trends and intelligent beauty assistants

Smart home gadgets are not only used for household help. Assistants like Alexa are there to give us practical help in everyday life in choosing the right clothes and make-up. Thanks to the good communication with various internet media, they can now inform us about the fashion trends of 2019 and advise us on which of them suits us and which does not. In this regard, there was a lot to see at CES 2019! A typical example of this would be the hi-tech lighting, thanks to which we can realistically imagine how we will look at different times of the day with the same make-up.

Multifunctional mirrors in the bathroom also serve as fashion trend assistants 

CES 2019 mirror in the bathroom

Robot seller

Robot sellers never get real the usual sellers superfluous in fashion stores. But on the other hand, they will have certain skills that will make our selection easier. Hi-tech technologies will scan your face and body and find out or visualize which outfit suits you better or not so well without trying it on. By connecting to the Internet, you can find out about the latest fashion trends and other important tips quickly and effectively.

The perfect hairstyle will be much easier with hi-tech blow dryers of the future than it is today

CES 2019 great hair dryer - great idea

The futuristic fashion trends at CES 2019 – the customer of tomorrow

The innovations geared towards fashion trends give us exciting information about our future. It is becoming increasingly easier for the individual to look perfect and stay healthy without the help of expensive counselors. After many years in which we had to deal with too much information, the interesting and useful facts and ideas are now being channeled and made more practical and understandable for the end user. This will also be one of the main demands of customers in the future.

What are the fashion trends of the year? Your hi-tech beauty assistant can tell you that at any time!

CES 2019 great mirror - wonderful