Binoculars haven’t changed that dramatically since the 17th century. The Canadian optics company Nex optics wants to turn this concept on its head with its DoubleTake digital binoculars. The DoubleTake announced at CES 2019 is not yet on the market. In fact, it is still a prototype, but it has already been awarded the title “Top Tech of CES 2019” for photography. The new binoculars replace the usual eyecups with a 5-inch HD LCD display and thus offer a comfortable picture experience that can even be enjoyed by several people at the same time.

The new futuristic binoculars are water-repellent, shockproof and ergonomic

NexOptik DoubleTake - the hi-tech binocular from CES 2019

NexOptik DoubleTake is a combination of digital camera and binoculars

DoubleTake is based on an A-Quad Core Ambarella H2 processor and a 12-megapixel image sensor. It can share photos with your mobile devices via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB-C and even record and stream 4K videos. In addition, it has GPS, image stabilization and two optical zoom levels (2.5x and 10x), the latter offering an equivalent focal length of over 500 mm.

With the dual zoom level, users can more easily locate their subjects and then zoom in on them.

Select the motif and zoom in at the push of a button

NexOptik DoubleTake - the hi-tech binocular of the CES 2019 hirsch on display from modern binoculars

The new hi-tech binoculars work very similar to a digital camera, but still look more like binoculars. The wide housing is not only intended for the large HD LCD, but also for operation with one or two hands. Of course, it offers the usual ergonomics for binocular users.

Binoculars and digital camera in one housing

NexOptik DoubleTake - the hi-tech binocular of the CES 2019 the modern binoculars wins an award at the show

Much is still unknown about DoubleTake

Since DoubleTake is still in the testing phase, NexOptic has still not released all of the information about it. Brightness or contrast statistics for the screen, which are crucial for visibility in bright sunlight, are still not given. The lifespan of the internal lithium ions in the battery is also currently unknown.

Stylishly designed, light and compact

NexOptik DoubleTake - the hi-tech binocular of the CES 2019 binoculars with two viewing angles

NexOptik DoubleTake - the hi-tech binocular of the CES 2019 collibri through the modern binoculars

The product is based on Blade Optics technology from NexOptic, which uses a range of optical techniques to improve performance and compactness. At this time, the exact dimensions and specifications of DoubleTake are still unknown. NexOptic announces it as “remarkably light” and compact. The digital binoculars are certainly water-repellent and shockproof – good news for outdoor enthusiasts who are the clear target group here. The price has not yet been set, but DoubleTake is expected to be released this year.

Mainly aimed at outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers

NexOptik DoubleTake - the hi-tech binocular of the CES 2019 modern binoculars of the 21st century