Hello, dear friends and passionate supporters of the healthy lifestyle! You have probably already read our article on detoxifying your body. Today we would like to go a step further and present you with some healthy types of detox teas and fragrant herbal drinks. These bring the body into balance in a completely natural way and support body detoxification and purification.

But we also want to warn you in advance! A detox tea is not a medicine that is expected to purify the body and purify the blood. We emphasize this so you don’t get confused. Only those types of tea that can enrich your daily menu are shown for information purposes. The freshly brewed teas support the function of the detoxification organs – the kidneys and the liver, stimulate the metabolism and remove harmful substances from the body. It is recommended to drink a fragrant tea in the morning and in the evening in order to achieve the best results in body detoxification and purification. All detox teas are tasty, easy to prepare, and good for your health!

Detox with tea – the natural way to detoxify the body

detox tea detox ginger tea lemons

Why is detox tea good for our health?

Good health is the basis for a full life. If you feel mentally and physically in your best shape, you are active, focused and can achieve a lot. Everything is going well in private life too. Unfortunately, the pollution of our environment is constantly increasing and toxins build up in our bodies that can lead to health problems in the long run.

An unhealthy lifestyle and an unhealthy diet often go hand in hand. As a result, everyday stress is a typical phenomenon in our life. In addition, there is a high consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, too much meat on the menu and a lot of sweets. These can cause serious symptoms of illness. Suddenly the moment comes when the body sounds the alarm and gives us signals that we are doing something (or a lot!) Wrong. Now the damaged organism needs to be helped.

Detoxify your body in a completely natural way – with teas and freshly squeezed juices!

Body Detox Naturally Tea Fresh Squeezed Detox Juices

There are many ways in which you can do something good for your health. Here we only consider one, namely detoxification with teas. “Therapeutic fasting” and various fasting cures used to be very popular. If your doctor or alternative practitioner recommends something like this or prescribes medication for you, then he definitely has reasons for it. Here we show you only the best 5 detox teas that can cleanse the organism of harmful toxins and bring the body back into balance. Drink your detox tea twice a day – morning and evening! The whole cure with detox teas has to last for two weeks, then you have to take a break.

Medicine that comes from nature

Herbal medicine

How does a detox tea work?

There are many myths about the detox products. But you are wrong if you think that detox tea is a real miracle cure that heals the already damaged body quickly and forever! There is no such thing in life! The detox teas are more of a good addition to a balanced diet. In addition, you have to avoid wrong eating habits during the cure and acquire new, healthy ones.

Healthy and slim – every woman’s dream!

healthy and slim detoxify detox with teas

It is known from medicinal herbalism that the different types of detox tea contain different ingredients. All of these usually contain caffeine, folic acid and important vitamins. Some teas contain more magnesium and copper than others. Therefore, we can only advise you to inquire about the ingredients of the detox tea you have chosen first. Then try to determine what results you are aiming for on this detox regimen. The ingredients in detox tea have a stimulating effect on those organs that remove the pollutants from the body. They activate the functions of the kidneys, liver and gall bladder and thus have a positive effect on the brain, heart and lungs. The detox teas empty the intestinal tract and get our metabolism going, which is why they are used by many people in slimming cures and body purification.

Time for a cup of aromatic tea

Body drink tea

These 5 detox teas are our favorites among all detox agents!

Nettle detox tea


Flavonoids, which stimulate the metabolism, are mainly found in nettle leaves. In this way, harmful substances are discharged. The nettle leaves also contain vegetable oils. Firstly, these oils act as radical scavengers and, secondly, they have a very positive effect on digestion. So they help a lot in detoxifying the body. You can precisely prepare the nettle tea here follow.

Ginger tea – the most popular detox tea 

Ginger tea

The ginger tea is very easy to prepare, it provides many vitamins and nutrients that support the detoxification process in the organism. For us there is no doubt that ginger tea has a strong detoxifying effect on the body. You can find out more about simple ginger tea preparation here.

Big burdock engages the body

Great burdock natural means of body detoxification

The burdock has long been known to naturopaths and medical practitioners as a medicinal plant that is used to detoxify the body. It is supposed to purify the blood and rid the body of pollutants and waste products. The great burdock is said to be able to bind heavy metals and lead them out of the body.

Dandelion tea has long been known as a detox agent

Dandelion tea natural means body detox

This tea is made from the plant root. It supports blood purification. The dandelion tea contains phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins and they all have a very positive effect on the liver and biliary function. They also stimulate digestion and thus help detoxify the body.

The following video shows what you can do with dandelions.

Coriander seed detox tea

Coriander tea

Coriander tea has a particularly important use – it reduces the mercury content in the body and detoxifies it from heavy metals.

Of course, you can use suitable herbs together and create fragrant tea blends. You could cook cilantro, cardamom and nutmeg together and sip this fragrant and aromatic drink. This will get your whole body going!

Have you already selected your favorite from this list of healthy detox teas?