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Our selection of attractions in Krakow, Poland

Krakow in Poland is one of those European cities that make up the fairytale character of our continent. With so many historical sights you feel like you are in a scenario from another era. The experience is one of a kind.

Travel and Vacation: Krakow Poland

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If Krakow in Poland is one of your future travel destinations and you want to feel exactly the way just described, then here are some tips for you which could be very helpful in this regard. Are you ready to find out more about these?

 Krakow from a bird’s eye view

Krakow Poland capital city the old city bird's eye view

The main square in Krakow

travel and vacation to Krakow Poland

The main square in Krakow

It is the largest medieval square in Europe. It has been here since the 13th century. Great, colorful festivals are organized here on a regular basis. Stop by one of the street musicians for a few minutes or take your time and have a drink in one of the cozy cafes nearby?

The largest medieval square in Europe

Krakow Poland main square bird's eye view

Meeting and focus

Krakow Poland capital city main square buildings

 The main square on a warm summer night 

Krakow Poland sightseeing main square at night

Trumpet player

The trumpet player who plays the Krakow anthem every hour on the hour is another great sight. You may also notice yourself that the melody suddenly stops. According to legends, this hymn has been played for many centuries. This announced the opening and closing of the city gates.

An old Polish tradition

Krakow Poland The trumpets of Krakow old tradition

Once a day this melody is also played on the Polish radio.

On June 11, 2000, the melody entered the Guinness Book of Records because it was played by 200 trumpet players at the same time.

Brama Floriańska (Florian’s Gate)

One of the very interesting and popular sights in Krakow is Brama Floriańska, in German the Florian Gate. It is a parade gate to the main square. Only the kings and very chosen personalities were allowed to enter this gate. But today everyone can do it! Make sure you use this opportunity.

Brama Floriańska

Brama Floriańska landmarks in Krakow Poland

Here you will find nice postcards with this sight, which you could send home. To the side you will also find a small museum dedicated to the defense of the city.

Wawel Castle

According to legend, there was the Wawel dragon. This was named after a courageous young man who protected people from this monster and therefore got such a castle for his own use.

Wawel Castle

Wawel castle Krakow Poland capital travel and vacation

The Wawel Cathedral

In 1946 Pope Johann Pavel II made his first liturgy from this. Therefore, all Catholics should feel happy visiting this important temple.

Wawel Cathedral

Krakow Poland Wawel cathedral landmarks

Water transportation

One also has means of mass transportation that move on water. These are also an exciting experience in themselves and worth living.

Krakow water transport

Krakow Poland capital water transport river

Enjoy the view!

capital city krakow poland visit important sights

The botanical garden

The botanical garden in Poland is one of the most beautiful from the 18th century. It is located on the university area. Parts of the park are arranged thematically. This is done by country and type of plant.

The garden on the area of ​​the university

Krakow Poland capital landmarks botanical garden

Piwnica pod Baranami (cellar to the rams)

This is one of the first bars in Poland to play jazz. Jazz has been played here for 60 years and this tradition continues to this day. This is still one of the most popular spots by many different artists. Their fame of an eccentric place has been preserved to this day.

Piwnica pod Baranami

Krakow Poland Piwnica pod Baranami facility

 Enough space for an audience too

Krakow Poland piwnica pod baranami

the Barbican

Barbakan Krakow Poland landmarks

And seen from the other side

barbican krakow poland landmarks

Cracow University of Technology

capital Krakow Poland University of Politechnika Krakowska

Beautiful medieval architecture in Krakow

Krakow Poland river houses view