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Practical furnishing ideas

Storage space is a difficult subject. We want it and it has to look good too. This is by no means easy to achieve. Frugal shelves can quickly begin to look boring, unappealing, or sparse.

So how do you manage to avoid these disadvantages??

Go for beautiful, useful and space-saving solutions by using the potential of the corners of your home.

Corner shelves in the kitchen

Do you want double happiness? This kitchen shows Corner shelf in the island and next door some wall cupboards. They expand to the edge of the front window. Isn’t that impressive? You can see an unusual mix of materials here.

Space-saving corner shelf

Corner shelf space-saving kitchen design wooden furniture

Thin and floating, these shelves serve as a contrast to the soft, subdued blue of the washbasin. I find the way the shelves reach up to the ceiling almost like wooden beams is really awesome. This confuses the eye and makes the room appear higher than it really is. [According to Divine Kitchens]

The corner shelves reach up to the ceiling

corner shelf contemporary kitchen design kitchen furniture

We experience mint green, blue and gray here. I would never bring these colors together. But the combination here looks fresh and cool and I think that nobody can deny that. There were only two shelves up to the ceiling. This makes it possible for the luminaire to perfectly liven up the corner with its glow. [According to Art Decor Home]

Original color scheme

contemporary kitchen design corner shelf kitchen furniture

Have you ever had corner cabinets at home? It was hard to open their doors, wasn’t it? I guess so! Throw these shelves over the curb and use open units instead. This is how you will show off your beautiful plates and make the most of your corner space. [According to Cabinet Works Plus]

Open corner cabinets

modern kitchen design corner shelf kitchen furniture

Old kitchens are not always very efficient and that is what everyone who has become accustomed to through modern designs misses. Open shelves are a very successful way of preserving the character of the kitchen and modernizing the room. Integrating a corner is an effective way to make the most of the available space. [According to Nest Pretty Things]

Open shelves in the kitchen

eclectic kitchen design corner shelf kitchen furniture

Corner shelf for work surfaces

A bit of industrial charm at home is a must, right? These corner shelves look like reused pieces. The juxtaposition of warm and cool materials worked perfectly. You mix metals, textures and storage space here. They make a cool work surface. [According to David Howell]

Shelving system made from different materials

furnishing ideas industrial corner shelf work corner

Built-in units are super popular and that is perfectly understandable. Check out these gray and blue shelves. These use the space in a wonderful way and provide a great background for white accessories. The office here looks chic and luxurious, doesn’t it? [According to Vincente Burin Architects]

Corner shelves in gray-blue

workplace at home home office corner shelves

Rustic corner shelves

Weathered and thin wooden shelves in shades of gray look great in black and white kitchens. The positions of the corner shelves also make for a very convenient storage system. It ensures that the pieces you use often are easily available. [According to Burns & Beyerl Architects]

Wooden shelves in shades of gray

corner shelf to save space kitchen design kitchen furniture

You can equip great kitchens like this one with white underpass tiles. Women in particular are happy about such solutions. The asymmetrical design makes the whole thing even more beautiful by adding a single shelf to the wall. [According to Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]

Kitchen design with white tiles and a corner shelf

corner shelf industrial kitchen design kitchen furniture

Somehow this small kitchen manages to offer a lot of space. That is definitely due to the corner shelves. Due to its openness, the room appears larger than it actually is. [According to The Tiny Project]

Set up a small kitchen

small kitchen cozy corner shelf

Corner shelves in bathrooms

Built into the wall, this shelf adds beautiful touches to the corner of this bathtub. It’s useful and close enough. However, one is not distracted by the central part of the room. [According to Mahoney Architects]

Create a cozy corner in the bathroom

bathroom freestanding bath corner shelves

The way the sunlight falls on the shelves is wonderful, isn’t it? In the bathroom, the shelves not only serve as storage space, but the room feels light despite all the brown and black elements. [According to Wolstenholme Associates]

Design a bright bathroom

bathroom design ideas freestanding bathtub corner shelf wood

This bathroom looks like it is part of a super modern spa. It was embellished with natural stone and a lot of green. The tree friend (philodendron) provides warmth and the corner shelves flank the window very nicely.

You make the room more interesting without overcrowding it. [According to Beauparlant design]

SPA at home

bathroom contemporary freestanding bath corner shelf

Shelves in the outer corner

It’s very easy to think of the corner shelves as traditional inner corner space. But they could really go all the way to the outside of the corners. You can frame the walls like this is the case here. Bring the hallway and dining area together. [According to Tim Clarke Design]

Corner shelving system

living room design ideas corner shelf wood sofa

Sometimes there are these weird corners in our houses and you don’t know what to do with them. When looking for a solution, you have come across an ingenious solution: The shelves are wrapped around the outside area and they have become beautiful and deep shelves. [According to Schappacher White]

Deep shelves in the home office

workplace at home home office corner shelf chair

Here we see another bizarre corner. It has been transformed into a great room. Building in a table is a great thing in itself. [According to David Churchill]

Quirky corner

bedroom corner shelf wood tv fireplace

I love this kitchen and the way it offers the cook great storage and work opportunities through the open shelves. The kitchen itself is ultra modern. The open shelves make them appear less boxy and easily accessible. Let alone how well they can be used. [According to Elad Gonen]

Modern kitchen design

modern kitchens corner shelf kitchen furniture kitchen island

Has the look of all those shelves given you hope of better organization in your home? It also makes one think of a more comfortable and cozy home.