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15 cozy designer kitchen island ideas for every home

Citrus colors are strong, bright, lively and full of energy. If you like the orange color but couldn’t walk your entire kitchen, just use it as an accent. Combine melodrama, style and warmth to form an expressive kitchen island with black kitchen countertops.

Stunning metallic pendants decorate the kitchen island and create a family atmosphere.

15 colorful and lively interiors – playful kitchen island ideas

orange kitchen island white chairs comfortable idea worktop smooth

White furniture in the kitchen – yellow-green dominant color of the kitchen island

white interior kitchen idea yellow green kitchen island hanging lighting fixture

Beauty and utility are on par in this sumptuous kitchen. A tempered light green kitchen island mixes the sunny side of the yellow color with the resonance of the lime green color and makes the whole interior look warm and springy. The kitchen is equipped with an open kitchen block.

Industrial elements in the kitchen – kitchen chairs and lighting fixtures

white kitchen island idea interior stool lacquered wood hanging lamp monotonous

The playful contrasts emphasize a neutral color palette in a very clever way. Anchoring the heart of this show kitchen, the color of the kitchen island, although subdued, contrasts with the white walls and the enclosed kitchen cabinets. Industrial elements such as the kitchen chairs, the lighting fixtures and the faucet are intertwined with the traditional interior.

Bright yellow wooden kitchen island and brown kitchen worktop

kitchen interior bright yellow plain wood chairs kitchen mirror

Inspired by an exuberant kitchen rear wall in yellow and green, the golden shimmer of this kitchen is as rich as it is deep. A bright, yellow hue in the center of the kitchen island is duplicated on the lower kitchen cabinets. This is a very attractive and original idea for any kitchen, so give it a try when updating your kitchen – namely different elements in one color. For a color-coordinated look, choose a neutral shade. Here the creamy white upper kitchen cabinets are very cleverly combined with the bright yellow color.

Wonderful blue wallpaper with floral decorations in the kitchen – green shelves under the kitchen island

wall decorations blue wallpaper idea wood texture chairs green shelves

The white kitchen cabinets and the kitchen countertop pave the way for a playful, emerald green kitchen island. The green shelves under the wooden kitchen table offer plenty of space for cookbooks and large magazines. The sapphire blue wallpaper with beautiful, floral elements adds a different shade of color and creates a wonderful color scheme.

A traditional kitchen in a classic style – pale blue kitchen island

pastel color blue delicate kitchen island shelves crockery porcelain

A large furniture-style kitchen island is sure to attract the attention of your family and guests. White kitchen cabinets, an extractor hood and shiny pendant lights contrast with the blue kitchen island.

Neutral colors in the kitchen area – gray kitchen island

kitchen idea design gray countertop beige kitchen cabinets

Some colors create a refreshing atmosphere in the kitchen without being bright and garish. For colors with a strong impact, use saturated, dark shades. An interesting gray and brown kitchen island adds a dramatic accent that plays the main role in this neutral kitchen.

Fresh and bright spring colors in the kitchen

kitchen island ideas design yellow green fresh

The expressive spring colors are fresh, flexible and suitable for a color palette in the kitchen. The dominant color accentuates the construction of the kitchen cabinets and decorates the built-in shelves. The muted yellow color on the walls and tomato red and yellow furniture accessories complete the fresh interior.

Dominant red color – original, peculiar kitchen island idea

kitchen island ideas design wood bright orange red shiny

Paint your kitchen with bright, bright colors. Red furniture construction and a red kitchen island accent the otherwise neutral color scheme. A dining table attached to the kitchen island provides a comfortable place for homework, chatting with friends, and family meals.

A cozy French-style kitchen

kitchen island ideas design black white floor tile bar chairs

Use a color in a striking shade in the kitchen. The dark turquoise is the dominant accent in the whole kitchen here, which is decorated in the French style. The color on the top wall and island contrasts with the black and white background, creating a remarkable color scheme.

Intense yellow color – kitchen island idea – stylish hanging lighting fixtures

kitchen island ideas design yellow sun bright colorful tiles

Strong colors keep the balance in the kitchen interior and strong does not always mean bright. This muted golden kitchen island gives this beautiful kitchen a peppy focal point. When thinking about a dominant color for a kitchen island, pay attention to the hues. The color is a more intense version of the yellow kitchen tiles that shape a kitchen mirror.

Denim blue kitchen island, white walls and metal wall shelves

kitchen island ideas design wood denim blue countertops rustic

Denim blue color goes well not only with your clothes but also with a classic interior. Deep, ink blue color is a typical 1950s symbol in this rustic kitchen and it contrasts with the white walls and countertops. A strange chandelier and the metallic shelves play an important role in the contemporary feel of this serene space.

Light kitchen equipment with kitchen island in chocolate brown

kitchen island ideas design wood classic chocolate brown

The color palette in this kitchen is both soft and luxurious. A chocolate brown kitchen island serves as the focal point in this interior. Wooden flooring with a matching stain and wooden kitchen countertops facilitate the passage between dark and light textures, creating a charming space where it is comfortable to live..

Glamorous kitchen mirror catches the eye in this kitchen interior

kitchen island ideas interior delicate blue color shiny kitchen mirror

Create a refreshing atmosphere in the snow-white kitchen with the delicate blue color. The blue kitchen island and the watery hue of the kitchen mirror make this white kitchen look cheerful and full of character.

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