The kitchen walls enjoy special attention these days. Feeling comfortable in the kitchen depends not only on the functional kitchen furnishings, but also on the colors and materials used in this room. That is why the wall design also plays an essential role in the kitchen. In the following lines you will find various ideas how you can make this room appear more appealing thanks to a beautiful kitchen wall design. The options available to you to design the walls in the kitchen are several. Take a look at these and decide which is the best for your own kitchen. Take this to a higher level with beautiful walls. We hope that you will draw a lot of inspiration from our picture gallery!

Wall design in the kitchen – great ideas for a chic ambience

wall design kitchen stark wall color fresh flowers

The beautiful kitchen walls can make the kitchen look very special

kitchen wall design blue akuentwand wooden floor functional furnishings

Design kitchen walls – wall tattoos bring the kitchen design to life

kitchen wall design wall stickers fresh plant blue chairs

Choose a suitable wall color

A beautiful wall paint can make your kitchen look completely different. Many people experiment with stark shades in the kitchen. They add mood to the kitchen and some even whet the appetite. Because we all know that colors have a psychological effect and the kitchen is no exception. But the personal taste is of course decisive! Modern kitchens can also be perfectly decorated with wall tiles.

Green walls and colored floor transform the kitchen into a beautiful place

wall design kitchen green wall paint colored floor tiles pendant lights

Purple nuances spice up the gray kitchen cupboards

kitchen wall design purple walls gray kitchen furniture

 Loosen up the small kitchen with blatant shades

kitchen wall design yellow accents fur carpet set up a small kitchen

Kitchen wallpapers give the kitchen a nice look

Wallpaper gives you an excellent opportunity to experiment with kitchen design. If you intend to make this room thematic, then go for mural wallpaper! If you want to convey elegance to your kitchen, wallpapers are perfect for this. Just incorporate a matching wallpaper pattern into the kitchen design so that the kitchen design becomes more chic. Even if you want to set funny accents in the kitchen, you are not wrong with wall murals! Because modern wallpapers give you a lot of freedom to put creative ideas into practice. And how about a trendy magnetic chalk board?

Stylish wall murals with black and white patterns

kitchen wall design elegant kitchen wallpaper green bar stool kitchen island drawers

Choosing kitchen tiles correctly

Kitchen tiles are a popular way to design the kitchen walls. They are functional wall cladding that can also look particularly stylish and interesting at the same time. This solution is also practical! Because sometimes it gets particularly dirty while cooking and tiles are much easier to clean than other wall designs.

Create a color contrast between the tiles and the kitchen cabinets

kitchen wall design dark wall tiles black floor tiles light kitchen cabinets

Yellow kitchen cabinets and gray mosaic tiles combine nicely with each other

wall design kitchen yellow kitchen cabinets mosaic tiles kitchen back wall pendant lights

Designing kitchen walls: accent walls in the kitchen

Loosen up your kitchen with an attractive accent wall. You can put that into action by decorating the kitchen wall with wall stickers. A brick or stone wall can also bring a fresh flair to your kitchen. And wall design in concrete optics, on the other hand, will make it appear very chic. Make sure, however, that it blends in nicely with the entire kitchen concept, because it is sure to attract everyone’s attention! You will definitely make it with these creative design ideas.

Brick wall in the kitchen

wall design kitchen brick wall illuminated kitchen island rustic dining table

Beautify the kitchen wall with funny wall stickers

kitchen wall design ideas wall stickers light green kitchen cabinets

Spice up the kitchen wall with beautiful decorative items

wall design kitchen fresh wall paint small kitchen

Have you gathered enough ideas on how to transform your kitchen into a pleasant place where you can cook with pleasure and enjoy pleasant hours? Here are a few more! Something will fit nicely in your kitchen!

Light yellow kitchen walls are a nice, non-intrusive solution for this space

wall design kitchen yellow wall color white kitchen cabinets kitchen island

Combine gray wall paint and white wall tiles

wall design kitchen gray wall color floor tiles bright kitchen cabinets

 Green is a good solution for the kitchen

wall design kitchen green white wall tiles flowers window

Avoid a boring kitchen look by accentuating the white kitchen cabinets with blue wall paint

wall design kitchen blue wall paint table decorations candles flowers

 Kitchen in red and black looks elegant

wall design kitchen red wall color black kitchen cabinets

 Kitchen in shades of blue

kitchen wall design blue kitchen island carpet runner light blue wall paint

 Bring out the white kitchen furnishings better with blue wall paint

kitchen wall design ideas blue wall color white bar stool

Paint the kitchen walls in red

kitchen wall design red wall color white kitchen cabinets

Crass colors and beautiful lights look wonderful together

wall design kitchen green accents kitchen island floor tiles deco ideas

Design a fresh kitchen splashback

wall design kitchen green white kitchen cabinets open shelves

Wood makes the modern kitchen appear very cozy

wall design kitchen accent wall made of wood and wooden floor

Select unusual patterns for the kitchen walls that ensure a good sense of well-being

wall design kitchen unusual kitchen tiles for the kitchen back wall

wall design kitchen blue and gray combine

wall design kitchen that looks completely natural

wall design kitchen gray walls and white kitchen furniture

wall design kitchen white wall tiles and fresh wall decoration

wall design kitchen light blue walls and white furniture

wall design kitchen wooden accent wall flooring with wood look and white kitchen furniture

wall design kitchen wooden accent wall and white kitchen island

wall design of the kitchen in concrete look combine with wooden kitchen cupboards

wall design kitchen metro tiles in beige

wall design kitchen with concrete look brings a note of elegance

wall design kitchen with wooden panels and wooden flooring

wall design kitchen chic wall tiles in shades of beige

wall design kitchen wall tiles and brick wall as an accent

wall design kitchen wall wallpaper with brick pattern

wall design kitchen white wall tiles and dark flooring

wall design kitchen white wall tiles and open wall shelves

living ideas kitchen unusual wall design in two colors

living ideas kitchen unusual wall design with mosaic tiles

living ideas kitchen elegant wall tiles in neutral color

living ideas kitchen gray tiles pepped up by a colored carpet

living ideas kitchen gray walls and lots of plants

living room ideas kitchen light green wall paint and wooden kitchen cabinets

living ideas kitchen black blackboard wall and blue kitchen cabinets

living ideas kitchen white kitchen with black blackboard

living ideas kitchen white wall tiles are classic

living ideas kitchen fancy wallpaper in black

living ideas kitchen fancy wall wallpaper with colored pattern

kitchen living ideas combine brown wall paint with white pieces of furniture

living ideas kitchen brown wall paint and brown kitchen furniture

living ideas kitchen floral wallpaper refreshes the kitchen design

living ideas kitchen yellow wall paint and white floor tiles

living ideas kitchen green walls and light brown kitchen cabinets

kitchen living ideas combine green wall color with light kitchen furniture

living ideas kitchen small kitchenette with gray wall tiles and white kitchen cabinets

living ideas kitchen with mural green dots spice up the interior

living ideas kitchen black wall tiles give the room more character

living ideas kitchen thematic wallpaper makes the mood cheerful

living ideas kitchen wall mural makes the interior design livelier

living ideas kitchen white kitchen tiles and gray kitchen cabinets

living ideas kitchen white kitchen walls with colored kitchen back wall

living ideas kitchen brick wall captivates the view in this modern kitchen