If you are building your own house or want to change the furnishings in your apartment, the question arises as to which kitchen to choose. The purchase of a new fitted kitchen should be carefully considered, after all, it is often almost as expensive as a small car and will accompany you for the next few decades.

What needs to be considered when installing a new kitchen?

The ideal fitted kitchen primarily depends on the space available in your apartment or house, so you should Determine the exact dimensions of the kitchen before planning. In the next step, consider how you would like to design your kitchen in detail. Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • How big is the area for the kitchen (length x width)
  • How big should the work surfaces be? (Depth x width // height)
  • Which electrical devices should find their place in the kitchen??
  • Which connections are required for water (tap, dishwasher and possibly washing machine)
  • Which connections are required for the electricity?
  • Connections on the worktop for small kitchen appliances
  • Connections for the large kitchen appliances
  • How should the room layout of the cupboards be made??
  • What should the new fitted kitchen look like??
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    Also keep in mind that with the Using energy efficient appliances can lower the running costs of your kitchen and thereby shorten your payback period. Also remember that the delivery of a new fitted kitchen takes several weeks and the assembly takes several days. Also note that you will not be able to cook for a long period of time.

    How to install a new kitchen

    If you have your new fitted kitchen installed by a professional, you must first agree a delivery and installation date for the kitchen in writing. Also, clarify what is happening to the old kitchen. If you have to dismantle and dispose of the old kitchen yourself, you should do this a few days to weeks before the delivery date of the new kitchen. If necessary, when the old kitchen is dismantled, you will see whether there is any need for additional renovation (painting, tiling). If you assemble the kitchen yourself, you are more flexible, but you should generally plan a little more time than given. Take at least a week off and concentrate fully on properly setting up the kitchen.

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    Fitted kitchens from the kitchen expert

    Connecting up kitchen appliances, properly installing water pipes and properly installing all kitchen cabinets requires extensive knowledge of electronics and technical talent. Especially when it comes to tailor-made kitchens and every corner and niche should be used sensibly, worktops and drawers also have to be individually adapted and cut to size. That is why it is often advisable and much more relaxed to have the installation of a new kitchen planned and carried out by a professional. the Kitchen experts from elha-service.de in Munich We are happy to support you in the planning and individual implementation of your new dream kitchen. If necessary, come to your home, take measurements and plan the kitchen together with you. You can then leave the installation completely in the hands of the experienced experts.

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