elegant extraordinary designer kitchen eccentric exhibition

Elegant, extraordinary designer kitchen from Papillion

Artisan kitchen suite: great design that pushes the boundaries of the decadent.

The dazzling Artisan Papillon kitchen transforms a service space into a great exhibition by combining kitchen appliances and artful details. Attention, the design of Stroll  is subject to a firm statement.

Created by artisans from Bassano Del Grappa, Italy, the kitchen includes grainy and clad doors made of oak. They are painted white and end in the shape of a silver leaf and a tang in the shape of a butterfly.

Royal, classic interior in the kitchen

elegant extraordinary designer kitchen countertop chic

If those fancy finishes, along with the contrasting crystal chandelier, are too much for your liking, you will surely want to own the island’s central counter at any cost. The most decadent piece of furniture ever created manages to wonderfully combine the curved baroque corners with the sleek white minimalism and multifunctionality.

Magnificent pendant lights immediately catch the eye and impress the audience

elegant exceptional designer kitchen countertop sinks

The sliding kitchen worktop hides the drawers and built-in sink, and the whole constellation is simply breathtaking. If this kitchen suite were part of a minimalist stainless steel kitchen, its beauty would be best shown off.

Dining area designed with style and elegance   elegant extraordinary designer kitchen dining room flowers

Built-in food chamber elegant extraordinary designer kitchen chamber stove

Kitchen drawers – keep wine bottles there

elegant exceptional designer kitchen drawers wine bottles

Kitchen countertop has two sinks

elegant extraordinary designer kitchen sinks

Dark, dramatic ambience – classic furnishing solution

elegant exceptional designer kitchen cabinet artworkPompous, luxurious kitchen equipment for aesthetes elegant extraordinary designer kitchen pendant lights

Eccentric, original kitchen interior

elegant exceptional designer dining area kitchen hanging lamps