Yes, today we want to write again about herbs in the kitchen, which give every dish a special spicy note. These gifts of nature have always had a firm place in our everyday life, but for many modern people they represent an unknown or insufficiently researched field. That is why we here in the editorial team are of the opinion that any information about the culinary herbs is useful and Interesting.

Pepper and salt are not enough when cooking, because every dish needs its special aftertaste

using herbs correctly in the kitchen

Every housewife knows everything well, fresh herbs are a must in the modern kitchen. They are an inseparable part of our culinary art. The herbs can change the taste of any dish, depending on what you prefer. How does your roast taste better – a little bit tart or spicy? Do you like to eat spicy? When it comes to kitchen herbs, there is always something for everyone.

Millions of medicinal herbs and spices are known around the world. They all have their own characteristics and special effects. But today we don’t want to get into the jumble of information about it and have therefore selected our 5 favorites from the most popular herbs in Germany and now want to present them to you. Every reader is sure to find the information they want to help them with cooking, roasting and grilling.

Don’t miss out and use fresh herbs in cooking and grilling

herbs make dishes different

In our selection of the most popular herbs for the kitchen, we considered one important criterion, namely where you can grow them. The following spices can be had at home all year round. In winter they thrive on a sunny windowsill, from April they can be grown outside on the balcony or in the garden. This way, you always have these herbs to hand and can easily access them every time you want to add a special flavor to your food.


Basil is one of the most popular culinary herbs in Germany. It is a diverse medicinal plant that has been cultivated in Europe for around 3500 years, especially in the Mediterranean region. The Italians have been using basil for a long time, because it goes wonderfully with pasta, pizza and pesto. The spice is valued for its ingredients. It contains useful minerals, super elements and vitamins (manganese, calcium, vitamin C, iron). You can easily grow the basil in the mini herb garden and enjoy its fresh aroma every day. The spice plant prefers a sunny spot, indoors or outdoors. Basil also has a decorative sense that couldn’t be matched by its pleasant taste and fresh scent.

Basil pesto – a real delight for the palate!

Prepare culinary herbs basil pesto at home


Like basil, dill is very popular and is often used in our kitchen. This herb was known to people in ancient times. Today it is still used as a pain reliever. Dill is irreplaceable for stomach problems, flatulence or diarrhea. In the kitchen, people appreciate its mild taste, which goes well with fish.

 The delicate, finely pinnate dill leaves have a tart scent and strong flavor

herbs make dishes delicious cook fish with dill


This medicinal plant came to Europe from East Asia and is cultivated here. Today, different types of mint are widespread around the world. Their leaves are used a lot, fresh or dried. Mint and peppermint are widely used as tea or bath additives. The medicinal plant has a pain-relieving effect on gastrointestinal complaints, colds and headaches. With it you can vitalize your body in the morning and start the day full of energy.

 The green leaves of the mint contain essential oils and give off a strong aromatic scent

herb mint as a spice when cooking


The parsley is a real all-rounder among the kitchen herbs. It is a natural remedy that detoxifies and refreshes our body. The vitamins contained in this herb (vitamins A, B1, B6, K, B12, C), folic acid and minerals make parsley a real natural medicine. The parsley is cultivated nowadays and its dark green smooth or curled leaves, even the stems, are widely used in culinary arts across the country. This herb likes sunny to semi-sunny locations, grows in boxes or pots, in herb beds or in the garden. Fresh or pre-dried, it gives soups, salads and sauces more flavor.

 There is a slight difference in taste between flat and curly parsley

Prepare herb salad with parsley


Never do without this medicinal herb in your garden, because it is a true naturopathic pharmacy. It likes dry locations, so it can grow and adorn the rock garden. Rosemary came to us from the Mediterranean region, where it adorns maritime gardens all year round. Its leaves spread a pleasant, spicy aroma and contain essential oils. These help a lot with gas, fullness and sore muscles. The spicy taste of rosemary goes perfectly with meat and fish, you can also use this herb to refine side dishes. Because of its pain-relieving and calming properties, rosemary oil is also offered as a bath additive.

 Get to know the healing power of rosemary leaves

Herbs rosemary grow as a herb in the garden

If you are really interested in culinary herbs, keep browsing our website and you will find additional information about these useful herbs and natural remedies here. The editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

In ancient Greece, rosemary was consecrated to the goddess of love Aphrodite

Use rosemary herbs as an ingredient in cooking

herbs prepare delicious dishes with dill

herb mint even makes desserts delicious

Use culinary herbs as an ingredient in cooking

culinary herbs flat parsley is different from curly parsley

Herbs parsley make the fish delicious

use herbs basil as a spice

Prepare herb salads with basil

herbs basil and its specific taste

Growing culinary herbs in flower pot

Mint, herbs, changes the taste of the food

kitchen herbs add parsley to the dish