kitchen island design a kitchen with a cooking island

The kitchen island design checklist

The difficulty in setting up the right kitchen island is probably the multifunctional requirement. A successful kitchen concept must meet at least the following requirements:

  • It has to turn the kitchen island into a fulcrum in the room;
  • It has to be functional;
  • It must contribute to work efficiency.

Kitchen with island

kitchen island with extra storage space design a kitchen with a cooking island

A modern cooking island in the rustic kitchen

kitchen island with work surface and seating modern cooking island

A must or an extra?

But let’s take a step back and ask ourselves the next question: is the kitchen island a must or an extra? Everyone would have to answer these for themselves. In our opinion, the kitchen island is a must in large kitchens. It could of course also be placed in smaller rooms. This need not be.

Design your kitchen practically according to your ideas

kitchen island with seating Create a kitchen with a cooking island

If you have a larger kitchen, then you should carefully consider the following: Where and how big should the kitchen island be so that it meets the requirements just listed? In addition, the connection to the other facilities must be good.

You can also use a practical kitchen island as a dining table

kitchen island kitchen with island and dining area

In a smaller kitchen, the questions that relate to the kitchen island should be phrased with “if” rather than “how”. It depends on whether the ambience would look better with a kitchen island; whether it makes the work more effective; whether we can use the kitchen island to integrate more functions into the room, etc..

Contrast between the white painted wood and the black granite worktop

rustic kitchen island with work surface and seating

After the decision

Once the final decision for integrating a kitchen island has been made, then we turn to the parameters of the expansion. Here comes another set of questions that need to be answered. They are the following:

  • What is the kitchen island most used for??
  • Which main and secondary functions should it fulfill??
  • How much space can the kitchen island take up??
  • How much and in what way should storage space be provided in the kitchen island?

In addition to style, all of these parameters should influence the final image of your kitchen island.

With plenty of storage space for books and decorative items

kitchen island made of wood design kitchen with island

A dreamlike kitchen island made of solid wood

Kitchen island made of solid wood Create a kitchen with a cooking island

Centrally or easily accessible

By default, there is a kitchen island in the middle of the room. Behind this is the aim that this is equally accessible from all places. Other positions are also conceivable as soon as this condition is met.

A modern design with mirror surfaces as an accent

kitchen island with work surface and modern cooking island

The plus points that a kitchen island brings with it

You should also definitely ask yourself what advantages the kitchen island brings to your room. This aspect partially overlaps with the previous ones on our checklist. However, this is important: by asking this question, you avoid the risk of forgetting something important.

Modern kitchen island with lighting

kitchen island with worktop and seating area cooking island with lighting

Below we have some examples for you, accompanied by some explanations:

  • More work surface: You need a kitchen island with a seamless appearance and fewer built-in appliances. The storage room should be built in.
  • More seating: Both the built-in devices and the storage space should be reduced to a minimum. You need to be able to sit still so that you have enough room for your knees.
  • More storage space and built-in equipment: But maybe you need more space for the sink and the hotplates? Then these should take up most of the surface of the kitchen island. In this case, storage shelves can be placed wonderfully on the sides.

Equipped with LED lighting and extractor hood

kitchen island with worktop and lighting modern kitchen island


As you can see, the kitchen island design checklist serves to ideally serve your individual household. Supplement them with your own questions and possible types of use.

The colored chairs provide a fresh accent in the gray and white kitchen

kitchen island with bar stools modern kitchen island

Classic kitchen furnishings


Typical summer cuisine 

kitchen island with work surface and seating dining table

The black color is becoming very popular in kitchen design these days

Cooking island with work surface and seating. Cooking island

Refined and very elegant

kitchen island with sink kitchen with island modern

Chic cooking island in red with an integrated wine rack

cooking island with integrated wine rack modern cooking island

Puristic elegance prevails in the kitchen

Cooking island with hob and modern seating

The cooking island often offers a comfortable place to sit

island with drawers kitchen with island

With cupboard for dishes

kitchen island with sink design kitchen with cooking island

Island with a sink that takes up very little space

cooking island with sink and seating modern cooking island

Island and dining table in one

Cooking island with storage space for cookbooks

Another very practical solution 2 in 1

Kitchen island and dining table in a modern kitchen island

Mobility is in demand: kitchen island on castors

modern kitchen with island on castors mobile kitchen furniture

Wooden island with lots of storage space

modern kitchen with island wood kitchen equipment

Spacious kitchen in white

modern kitchen with island kitchen equipment

Classic wooden island with sink

modern kitchen with island kitchen furnishings country style

Rattan chairs complete the complete rustic look

modern kitchen with island practical kitchen equipment

Country style kitchen

modern kitchen with island rustic kitchen furnishings

Narrow, but rather long, high-gloss kitchen island

modern kitchen with island with large worktop