Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances shelves dining table

Many people have problems with quickly organized facilities

You move in, put the old kitchen appliances down so that the basis in the kitchen works first.

After a short time, however, you realize how impractical the whole thing is. You keep bumping into unpleasant edges, the shelves are on the wrong side, you have forgotten important facilities.

These are just some of the uncomfortable things that can happen to you if you don’t plan properly beforehand.

Little space? This is certainly not an excuse! Because most kitchens are ergonomically designed these days? Limited budget? Yes, you are certainly right on that objection. Ergonomic solutions are very often not only not cheaper, but also more expensive due to their originality.

We picked an example of kitchen conversion today that can be done for very little money.

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances

Kitchen accessories and kitchen utensils yellow flower vase in kitchen cabinet

We’re talking 11 square meters in the kitchen and inexpensive new furnishings.

Here are the tips that can certainly be used in other kitchens as well

  1. Everything in one line

All of the cabinets, the sink and many other fixtures have been placed in a single box. Sliding doors give access to the entire storage space that is hidden there. Metal is the main element and also the color is metallic and shiny. This creates a seamless, elegant, very modern look.

The furnace is separated, but on the same axis. It has been attached to the side of the rest of the cabinet equipment.

Blue and green combined

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances green blue modern

Neatly and comfortably organized kitchen

Kitchen accessories round blue surfaces Kitchen appliances around table top

  1. Shiny surfaces and lots of light

A window has been broken in one wall. So that the room is evenly filled and therefore appears more harmonious, the wall units have been attached to the side and not directly above the main work surface. These also show shiny materials. The mirror effects make the whole thing appear brighter and larger.

Virtual draft presented with size and length

Kitchen accessories virtual kitchen appliances furniture equipment

kitchen accessories kitchen appliances virtual arrangement

  1. Quirky effects

In such a small kitchen space you have to make a special effort to get people in a good mood. That’s why funny motifs and fonts like this one are very appropriate!

The whole thing was completed within 20 days!

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances white furnishing

Narrow kitchen equipped with washing machine

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances feminine kitchen rear wall washing machine

Wood textures look homely and cozy

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances window wood equipment

Sleek, smooth appearance

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances window black

Ornate kitchen splashback

  Kitchen accessories gray kitchen appliances surfaces sink

  Modern kitchen stool

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances kitchen island flooring

Large kitchen with island and massive partition

Kitchen utensils masculine kitchen accessories strict lines

  Rural and traditional details in the urban apartment

Kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances carpet cabinet

Kitchen equipment with style  Kitchen accessories furnishing ideas kitchen appliances wall black

Puristic in white

kitchen design pictures white kitchen equipment