kitchen ideas drawers in the closet

Practical kitchen ideas – 35 chic examples of efficient design

Are you ready for more efficient kitchen design in style? Then you definitely need a few practical tips like this one. With their help, you will not only save space, but also set up a well-organized kitchen. The common kitchen furniture for dishes and kitchen accessories are open shelves or cupboards.

But they are only one of the many interior design ideas that you can implement.

For example, hanging dish racks or shelves are very original and practical. You can place these above the kitchen island or even above the dining table. Robust wooden or metal bars also offer plenty of space for your pans or pots. Cabinets with hidden storage space are a smart solution for kitchen design. These have a few drawers where you can store a lot of items or even groceries.

A chic vertical storage

kitchen ideas aluminum hook

And yes, of course the kitchen island itself. Use it as efficiently as possible. In the base there is enough space for shelves or drawers. So you always have dishes, pots and other important things under control. Even books and toys can be stowed in the kitchen island.

If you are into rustic style, you can use wicker baskets and boxes or order shelves and cabinets made of natural wood. For a fancy, creative touch, make wall shelves out of old wooden pallets or beer crates.

Colorful with lots of storage space

kitchen ideas dish rack

 Robust iron frame and wooden boards

kitchen ideas ceiling-high shelf for dishes

Double-sided shelves are hidden in the built-in wardrobe

kitchen ideas double sided shelves in the closet

Classy and very original with hanging pans and bottles

kitchen ideas dish rack above the table

 Use food-safe containers made of glass or wood and linen

kitchen ideas glasses and braided bowls

Spacious kitchen islands often have side shelves

kitchen ideas hanging dish rack

You can decorate the hanging pots with chillies and herbs

kitchen ideas hanging pans and chillies

For a chic DIY touch

kitchen ideas wooden pallet as a wall shelf

White painted cabinets and marble – classic kitchen elegance

kitchen ideas kitchen island with cupboards

You can arrange the lighting strategically

kitchen ideas kitchen island with marble worktop

Kitchen romance – why not?

kitchen ideas long showcase shelf

You can hang the pans and pots directly on the shelf

kitchen ideas open shelves and hanging pots

It’s something from the middle of the century, right??

kitchen ideas shelf with headings

For those who like it more robust

kitchen ideas sturdy shelves and metal bar

The industrial-style pendant lights above the table go perfectly with the showcase shelves

kitchen ideas sturdy dining table and hanging lamps in industrial style

Colorful made of glass and plastic

kitchen ideas rolling side table

Like old times

rustic kitchen ideas with a crockery shelf

Rattan boxes are elegant and practical for the kitchen

kitchen ideas chic dresser with woven boxes

Perfectly organized dishes by the window

kitchen ideas chic shelf for plates and cups

Narrow food shelves

kitchen ideas narrow double-sided shelves

Compact and well organized

kitchen ideas cabinet system metal shelves and baskets

Kitchen organization system

kitchen ideas cabinet system with plenty of storage space

Efficient kitchen organization

kitchen ideas drawers for vegetables and bread

Vintage cabinet with drawers for groceries

kitchen ideas drawers with braided baskets

 Filigree Draining rack on the window

kitchen ideas floating cupboard

Steel shelving with maximum storage capacity

kitchen ideas steel shelves

When displayed in this way, beautiful plates add a special touch

kitchen ideas plate shelf and hanging cups

Original and rustic in stages

kitchen ideas stepped cupboard shelves

Fine woods and natural stones

kitchen ideas counter with shelves and drawers

When you have a lot of dishes

kitchen ideas build your own wall shelf

And when do you start designing the kitchen? We are sure that these wonderful kitchen ideas have enriched you and given you additional motivation.