kitchen trends 2014 black granite

Kitchen trends 2014 – granite and quartz are modern again

Every year brings new trends in design and when it comes to kitchens there is no exception. Today we present some aspects of the Kitchen trends 2014. Interestingly, it is not so much the furnishings and kitchen furniture that play an important role in the New Year, but rather the materials, the wall color and the design of the storage of items and food in the kitchen.

For example, the most popular materials for the kitchen countertop and the surface of the kitchen island will be quartz and black granite.

Generally speaking, dark shades are becoming the new ones Kitchen trends 2014 determine. Kitchen cabinets with lighter fronts should be used to compensate for this. Light gray, white or beige are preferred. The luxurious touch of the granite and quartz is emphasized and at the same time the kitchen will look fresher and brighter.

When it comes to storage, after the Kitchen trends 2014 open shelves very modern. For the walls, you should use darker shades such as dark brown, wine red, dark gray or copper.

But always ensure a harmonious contrast and furnish your kitchen with lighter furniture and accessories

kitchen trend 2014 countertop kitchen island granite

Noble wood and robust granite in black

kitchen trend 2014 worktop black granite

Soft leather goes perfectly with the shiny quartz

kitchen trends 2014 shiny granite counter

Granite or quartz are also very popular with a mosaic look

kitchen trends 2014 granite worktop coarse grain

Oval shapes in black and white

kitchen trends 2014 granite black kitchen island

If you like neutral colors

kitchen trends 2014 gray granite mosaic look

Gray granite with a coarse grain

kitchen trends 2014 kitchen countertop granite stains

Ergonomic and multifunctional

kitchen trend 2014 kitchen island round table

Timeless traditionalism

kitchen trends 2014 kitchen island sink

Matt and high gloss in gray and dark red

kitchen trends 2014 wine-red high-gloss fronts