Which are the really modern kitchen countertops? You can’t really tell from the materials. Because at the moment, practically all possible materials for kitchen countertops are pretty up-to-date. From natural stone to metal to wood – all of these types of kitchen countertops can be considered modern under certain circumstances. So what are the criteria for choosing or planning this facility? A kitchen worktop is particularly modern when it is used within the current context. It is still considered particularly topical if it is simple and still comes into its own. The examples in our present article belong precisely to the second type.

In the traditional white color, a kitchen countertop can look very modern and upscale

shiny white surface of the kitchen worktop

Kitchen worktops with a noble texture

Check out the kitchen countertops from our first examples! They are very easy to do. The color you chose for it isn’t exactly that original either. However, the texture and thus the surface looks particularly elegant. This is where the very upscale effect comes from, which we can immediately recognize by our appearance.

The simple construction saves us resources and gives us the opportunity to invest in better materials. This was also decided in this case!

High quality metal is also a modern choice for kitchen countertops

gray kitchen countertop against a white background

Traditional color – modern contrast

One and the same color can look more modern or old-fashioned, depending on the nuance. This also applies to the worktops, which have been made in a traditional shade. They could also look particularly modern if they appear in an unexpected color combination. The next two examples show such ideas. In the first case you have achieved a somewhat surprising combination of two neutral colors, brown and gray.

Simple wooden kitchen countertops can be part of very modern combinations

kitchen worktop made of wood

In the second case, very dark wood with a deep blue was chosen. There are a lot of vintage elements in this example. However, the clear lines and the dominating glossy surfaces ensure a fairly modern look. Incidentally, the combination of gold-colored metal accessories and wooden surfaces is particularly topical at the moment. We can see that in this example for the kitchen design as well.

Due to the smooth surface and the combination with gold, this kitchen worktop is modern

kitchen countertop brown color and blue vertical surfaces

Natural materials that really come into their own

As already emphasized, you want to achieve a strong effect with a small investment. Is that considered modern? Natural materials have the ability to look original and attract attention without much processing. That is why natural stone and wood are particularly topical in kitchen furnishings at the moment. They are also used very often in the workplace. Marble is another example. He looks very upscale and we can see that in several of our pictures.

Marble and other types of natural stone often look very topical

kitchen countertop in great neutral shades

Kitchen worktops with a homely character

To give all rooms a calm character – that is definitely an important concern for many modern designers. The kitchen is no exception. Materials for the worktops that contribute to the homely character of this room are therefore considered to be modern. This is another explanation why the kitchen has probably gained in importance again in recent years. We also find numerous examples where you can find the same Materials for the kitchen countertop and has selected other surfaces. This creates a uniform character, especially in open-plan apartments.

Such a kitchen worktop gives the room a homely character

kitchen worktop for a modern kitchen island

The white kitchen worktop comes into its own thanks to the remaining dark colors

kitchen worktop in glossy white color

The multifunctional worktops for the kitchen are particularly modern

kitchen worktop in great gray and white

kitchen worktop in white and brown

kitchen countertop with a great design

Another example of a modern kitchen worktop with an original grain

kitchen countertop white surface on brown furniture

Great kitchen only in neutral colors. The striking worktop was also selected in such a shade 

kitchen countertop white and gray finish ideas

natural stone ideas kitchen countertop

white and wood-brown kitchen worktop

white and light blue walls kitchen countertop