The open kitchen in white has now almost become a classic. Modern materials make them very easy to care for and at the same time bright and inviting. But this concept also brings with it a lot of challenges. E.g. it is difficult to separate a completely white room. It could also feel too cool. Below are some pictures for designer kitchens that offer a suitable solution for such situations.

The complete design in light and neutral colors welds the kitchen look together

Design the open kitchen in a modern way with the kitchen island

Open kitchen with neutral surfaces

In addition to the white color, the dominate in this kitchen Wood nuances. These are both light and dark. This is how the kitchen rear wall and the horizontal surfaces of the kitchen island were designed. Thus, the different functional zones are highlighted within the white area.

They harmonize wonderfully with the light brown nuances of the floor.

The colors white and brown help to separate the two zones of the open plan

wooden floor white walls open kitchen

Rough rural and industrial elements

The white kitchen surfaces are very often shiny. Many designers like to contrast this by using rough materials in the rest of the decor. In our next picture, such materials give kitchen design a rural charm. In addition, the rough industrial elements are very popular these days.

The yellow and brown accents warm up the modern kitchen design

Design a modern kitchen rich in contrast

Open kitchen in white with eye-catching colored accents

In our next example, the kitchen was done almost entirely in white. Only a few brightly colored accents warm up the mood and spread a rural, family atmosphere. These are concentrated in the dining area, which makes it stand out from the rest of the furnishings.

The modern white kitchen cabinet makes the room shine

design a modern kitchen with a white accent surface

A completely white kitchen with a view of the beautiful nature outside

A monochrome open kitchen works very well when you have a wall of windows and a view of beautiful nature outside. This is the case in our photo example above. The border between inside and outside is blurred by the glass wall. This allows nature to develop its effect in the interior as well. Thus, despite the coolness of the white color, the open kitchen feels very warm and inviting.

This open kitchen looks super modern thanks to the current pastel colors

open kitchen dining area

White accent surfaces

The last example is a bit off topic. We do not have a complete design in white here. Rather, this color was used as an accent – a glossy wall shelf was executed in it. This type of design is particularly striking for the effect of this shade: it has a radiant, eye-catching effect. At the same time, white is very universal in terms of the possible combinations. This guarantees a modern look for your open kitchen. All of this explains why other surfaces are also often made in white.

In this open kitchen you hardly notice the boundary between inside and outside

modern kitchen brown wooden floor modern design

Modern kitchen furnishings with rural and industrial elements

modern kitchen design dining table

The floor design and a few accents bring retro touches to this modern kitchen

modern kitchen floor design modern

Another fabulous open kitchen with pastel shades

cleverly separate open kitchen

White and glass cover this small modern kitchen

Separate open kitchen with glass table

Black and white and other contrasts bring life and movement to the kitchen

separate open kitchen in white

The blue accent wall makes this open modern kitchen particularly inviting

Modern design of the open kitchen with an accent wall

The alternation between white and pastel nuances creates a mysterious atmosphere here

Modern open kitchen with light

Brown wooden floors and pictures bring a feeling of nature to this open, modern kitchen design

Modernize the open kitchen

Zoning: The floor design allows you to separate the open kitchen

Modern design of the open kitchen, separate it into several zones

By using suitable materials, you can separate a neutral, open kitchen

open kitchen modern design white

Individual areas are separated here by different shades of brown

Modern design of the open kitchen only in white

In this open kitchen, great accents are set with dark shades

open modern kitchen separated by various details

You can also use a kitchen island to separate a modern kitchen

design white modern kitchen