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Small built-in kitchen – great design ideas

The galley kitchens found in most households are just copies of the small but efficient cooking rooms found in military ships. The design of the kitchen results in a simple two-wall design and the space in between is just wide enough to allow you to take a few steps backwards or forwards.

Depending on your creativity, these small kitchens can actually be as stylish as some other larger kitchens.

To get the most out of this type of kitchen, there should be proper integration of cabinets for storage and adequate wall space for large windows and other architectural elements that enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

Kitchen galley ideas

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With the galley kitchen design ideas discussed below, you can be sure to get better inspiration for your small kitchen.

A variety of storage units and options

This type of galley kitchen will work very well for those who have lots of kitchen utensils and other items that need to be stored away. While infrequently used items are stored in the cabinets, the stainless steel cookware, which is made of almost the same material as the cabinet handles, is proudly displayed by the hanging storage option.

Galley kitchens save space for many homeowners

small built-in kitchen wood furnishing shelves cooker

Green themed galley kitchen from Erdreich Architecture

small built-in kitchen wood furnishing carpet cabinet wood

Modern galley kitchen design from GRADE

small built-in kitchen wood furnishings glamorous modern design

Galley style kitchen with wooden furniture by GRADE

small built-in kitchen wood furnishing kitchen back wall tiles

Maximizing the smallest space

This galley kitchen design is efficient for those who are limited in space. With multiple storage options that don’t exclude the stove and refrigerator, the homeowner can get the most out of the wall space available in the kitchen. Even the dishwasher is hidden behind a cupboard.

Galley kitchens maximize space

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Galley kitchens offer plenty of closet and storage space

small built-in pantry kitchen wood furnishing red blue combination

Modern galley kitchen in a small room from John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

small built-in kitchen wood furnishing shelves dining area

Traditional white themed galley kitchen from Titan & Co

small built-in kitchen wood furniture white traditional

A rare combination of cabinets and open shelves:

This particular design idea is for you when you have eye-catching tableware and china that you want to display. With the cabinets lined up on one side of the wall and the microwave creatively housed under two of the cabinets, storage space couldn’t really be a premium in this tiny galley kitchen. With the open shelf on the right, you can add more allure to this tiny space with the amazing display of your expensive dishes and china.

Efficiently accommodate all of your kitchen equipment in one area

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Galley kitchen with stainless steel bench by Alex Amend Photography

small built-in kitchen shelves tile kitchen back wall

The idea of ​​galley kitchens is to help homeowners do their job efficiently in their various kitchens, no matter how small. In their design, the best combination of functionality and space is combined to achieve a visually appealing work space in your home. For the best results, always consider and compare different design techniques you need to design your space so that you have everything that works best for you as well as the space.

Ultra modern kitchen galley by Michelle Walker architects

small built-in kitchen minimalist white factual window sea

Traditional galley kitchen from Isler Homes

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Stylish galley kitchen with stove and sink by modern house architects

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