white kitchen cabinets with marble countertops

White kitchen cabinets for every taste – 15 elegant designs

White kitchen cabinets are versatile and very elegant. Often they are made of laminate or thermal foil and do not have to be painted separately. In any case, there is a wide choice of custom cabinets these days that are finished with a white or off-white polish.

Do you want to invite a little more warmth into your kitchen??

white kitchen cabinets kitchen island with drawers and sink

If it gets too white for you, you can use more wood. The warm nuances will provide a pleasant balance. As indicated above, you can order your island’s cabinets made of wood and use the same texture and color for the countertops on all cabinets in the kitchen.

White cabinets go with every interior style

white kitchen cabinets pink glasses dark gray wall tiles

In the picture above, the handles of the cabinets are rail-like and give the kitchen design a minimalist touch. You can use glossy wall tiles in graphite for your kitchen back wall. The combination is sophisticated and forms a subtle contrast to the white cabinets.

Off-white, the cabinets look more traditional and sleek

white kitchen cabinets matt glossy refrigerator

Find the cottage style that’s right for you?

white kitchen cabinets open shelves and display cabinets

A few showcases, vintage faucets and dishes in pastel colors will help you to create a very homely kitchen ambience. Celadon green, turquoise, and a light pink make a perfect color team as seen above.

White kitchen cabinets exude formality and grace

white kitchen cabinets spacious kitchen island with wooden surface

White can look very sophisticated in combination with cherry wood and marble. The black epoxy floor covering reflects the kitchen island and the bar stools and brings more visual space to your kitchen. Small items such as crockery in lemon yellow are welcome fresh accents.

With a few golden splashes and shiny edges, you can create a dignified atmosphere from bygone times

white kitchen cabinets parquet with coarse grain

Highly modern and shiny

white kitchen cabinets steel fronts kitchen appliances

High-gloss fronts and shiny metal surfaces clearly mean – modern! The kitchen appliances and the gleaming white cupboards spread the light throughout the room and create a lighter atmosphere and lightness.

Showcases and open shelves are an effective remedy for monotony

white kitchen cabinets pendant lights in industrial style

Cream yellow is a successful change for the cabinet frame

white kitchen cabinets cream white and frosted glass

Do you like lively contrasts?

white kitchen cabinets open ceiling beams patterned wall tiles

If you want to use black and white for a classic contrast, use more organic, curvy patterns. This gives the kitchen an acting touch and won’t look too serious or uncomfortable. An oval extractor hood and open ceiling beams are an additional asset to the playful contrast.

White goes well with all other shades – choose one for your kitchen splashback!

white kitchen cabinets with traditional patterned dishes

Herringbone wall tiles are a subtle change of pace if you find white kitchen cabinets too boring

white kitchen cabinets retro model stove with red buttons

We hope you found this collection of ideas very useful. You may have seen the white kitchen cabinets differently until now. Perhaps you always ignored them and thought they were bland. Well then, today you could see the opposite for yourself. Think about what your white cabinets will look like and look through everything again. Have fun planning!

white kitchen cabinets open shelves and natural wood