compact kitchen designs wood plain table bench

Original examples of creative kitchens!

Small kitchens often show the most chic solutions! To prove this, we have put together a few examples in this article!

The first picture is from a 27-square-foot kitchen in San Fracisco

compact kitchen designs

compact kitchen designs modern sink faucet countertop

 The refrigerator was installed flush with the wall, the upper cabinets were removed and many deep cabinets were added.

A New York blogger got really creative in his little kitchen

compact kitchen designs modern sink cabinet refrigerator rail

Above: A New York blogger got really creative in his little kitchen. Here the drawers and the metal sheets are set aside to create extra work space.

Here you can see a kitchen island, cupboard, traditional accessories, and hidden washer and dryer

compact kitchen designs modern sink wood furniture shelves wall

This owner made the most of the 40 square meter space, right??

In the case of this originally 20 square meter kitchen, the walls have been torn down

compact kitchen designs modern sink blue surface wall tiles

 But the owner still had to be very creative with the storage space. Among other things, he achieved this with the small devices such as this narrow refrigerator. Thanks to this, he had enough space to attach the cabinets!

A kitchen of around 8 square meters. Really no more than one person can work here

creative kitchen designs modern white built-in kitchen furniture

The last example: As a result, all luxury accessories have been dispensed with here, including the dishwasher. A blackboard loosens up the atmosphere.

I feel good in small kitchens. Above all, I find the challenge of designing it very exciting. I prefer to make them functional and leave the remaining space for other important tasks. And what is your case??

    Fresh colors and a traditional look in the small kitchen areacompact kitchen designs creative idea design blue surfaces

Another example of a kitchen equipped with turquoise-blue colors – dining area in the middle of the room

creative kitchen designs blue surfaces dining area white furniture

Very small kitchen in one of the corners of the room

compact kitchen designs blue surfaces compact  Orange colors refresh the ambience in the kitchencompact kitchen designs orange surfaces compact