light games at home thanks to your smartphone apartment

Play of light at home thanks to your smartphone – Innovative SONTE film

Make a house of the future out of the house of the present. That is the motto of the SONTE company. This has a futuristic solution for the transformation of the natural form through controlled light. The technology includes a smart film. Its density can be controlled and it can even appear transparent.

You are wondering how you can use something like this in your home?

So … this film can be applied to any surface anywhere in the house. This leads to a wide range of options. This is especially exciting for the high-tech enthusiasts among you. But I haven’t said the very best: the level of permeability can be controlled via a smartphone. All you have to do is download an iOS / Android app for free.

The installation process only takes a few minutes. Most often it is used on the windows.

First the film is entered on the surface and then the settings are adjusted

light games at home thanks to your smartphone white window coffee table

 The ability to project is our favorite quality! You can project pictures or even movies anywhere. You can also play your favorite game anywhere.

You can use this digital shadow system on your windows and thus control the strength of the incoming light

light games at home thanks to your smartphone dining room window

The author Bernard Kwan says of his work: “The curtains have been used for many centuries without thinking too much about a replacement”. The alternatives are usually extremely expensive. These are, for example, the smart windows or movable screens. With this addition we have revolutionized the world of curtains. Anyone can afford the end products.

This project is being used more and more and can be used more and more often in very common apartment designs

light games at home thanks to your bathroom smartphone