The great magic presence of unforgettable moments outdoors does not come from the music or the pleasant conversation. It comes from the light. The feeling of an unbelievable atmosphere, which we will still remember ten years from now, comes from the magical outdoor lighting. And the more of it you have, the better. After all, your garden is not only there during the day, but also at night. During the day he comes Magic from the flowers, at night from the light. Just imagine the moment when the garden party is in full swing and you step out onto the balcony for a glass of wine in the open air. Or if you just look out the window. Then good lighting is what makes your outdoor space a fabulous paradise. All without having to wait for sunrise. But what makes a good light? We will give you some effective LED lighting ideas and helpful tips to make the outdoor area of ​​your dreams come true.

LED lighting ideas – a midsummer night’s dream

Redesign patios and balconies. LED lighting ideas for the outside area. Verandas decorate lots of light

The three layers of lighting that you can use in your outdoor space

  • Ambient lighting: This is a form of lighting that has no specific purpose, but just creates a certain mood. Examples would be cute fairy lights on a fence, parapet or a nearby tree.
  • Application lighting: Lighting that fulfills a specific task.

    For example, to illuminate the stairs, the grill, the seating area or a certain ornament on the outer walls of your house.

  • Accent lighting: This is used to illuminate a very specific area of ​​the garden that is supposed to provide visual interest. For example, it could be a spectacular flower bed. In some cases the light body itself serves as a decoration and is highlighted by the light.

When planning, always remember that you are not trying to recreate the beauty and colors of the garden in daylight by adding outdoor lighting to your garden at night. In the evening there are many more unique contrasts, silhouettes, and highlighted features. Take advantage of this and turn your garden into a mysterious place of dreams.

Your outdoor space could look very different at night

Redesign the terrace and balcony. LED lighting ideas for the outside area. Ceiling lights for the veranda and terrace

LED outdoor lights and how you can effectively stage them

LED outdoor lights work differently than conventional light bodies. They are small, solid light bulbs with an exceptionally long service life (60,000 hours and more), significantly lower energy consumption (up to 90% more efficient) than conventional lighting solutions, lower maintenance costs and greater safety.

Most of the time, when people think of LEDs, they think of bright white light that mimics daylight. LED outdoor lights can actually have several different colors. The color temperature of a light bulb, expressed in Kelvin (K), indicates whether the light bulb emits warm or cold white light. In general, anything below 4,000K is warm in color, while anything above 4,000K is a cool or bluish white. Wood, plants and soil usually look best in warm light, while cement, stucco or water surfaces look better under cool white lighting. In the following we will show you some great LED lighting ideas and tips for the perfect implementation of your lights.

Modern facilities with elements from the industrial style and minimalism benefit more from white LEDs

Redesign the terrace and balcony. LED lighting ideas for the outside area. Wall lights, white light, modern

LED lighting ideas and tips for your terrace or balcony

  • Paths to the house, veranda, garage or garden shed should always be well lit to avoid any tripping hazards. At the same time, however, it is important not to overdo it. A distance of about 3-5 meters is sufficient. Otherwise, you risk making your paths look like a mini-runway.
  • Warm light adds a romantic touch, but it can make some trees and bushes look dried out. White light with a blue filter, on the other hand, makes the green leaves of the plants more intense in color.
  • You can’t just use light to draw special attention to your favorite areas. You can also use darkness to camouflage areas that you do not like, for example.
  • Make sure the light is not coming directly into your window or a neighbor’s window.
  • Avoid lights made of iron, as this metal can rust quickly in high humidity. Stainless steel, brass, and copper are better choices. Over time, a patina could develop here too, but it will last much longer.

Illuminate paths and paths, but always pay attention to the distance between lights

Redesign patios and balconies

Techniques and LED lighting ideas to accentuate your best exterior elements

  • If you want to illuminate a large flower bed or other planting area in your garden or porch, it is better to use several smaller lights than a single large unit. This creates a series of gently overlapping light sources that are free from glare. The same goes for seating areas and decoration.
  • Use LED strips or bars to outline the edges of a flower bed.
  • Make full use of reflective surfaces in your exterior. They can be used to your advantage by spreading the rays of light over a wide area.
  • Colored light can evoke different emotions in certain cases and should therefore be chosen carefully. You can find out more about this here read.

Lanterns provide a romantic flair and soft light

Redesign the terrace and balcony. LED lighting ideas for the outside area lanterns warm light path lights

It doesn’t matter whether you want to brighten your path on dark evenings or create an appealing and inviting outdoor area. Outdoor lights have a lot to offer. Let these LED lighting ideas and tips work on you, sit back and enjoy your dream garden at night. You’re guaranteed to want to become a night owl!

Redesign the terrace and balcony. LED lighting ideas for the outside area illuminate the stairs well kolonne